Hair Restoration

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Are you looking for the best hair restoration in Utah? Dr. Thompson is Utah’s top facial plastic know for incredibly natural results with hair restoration in Utah.

Fact: Two-thirds of American men age 35 and younger experience male pattern baldness. Hair loss is an extremely personal and emotional loss for many men (and women) some of whom start losing it before they even hit their twenties. Unfortunately we don’t get to opt in or out of the Male Pattern Baldness gene, but the thankfully, these days, we do get to choose how we handle it. Today there are more options than ever before available to those wanting to replenish their hair follicles.

There are both surgical and non-surgical options for all stages of Male Pattern Baldness, from the earliest to the latest. We are proud to offer a comprehensive variety of procedures to restore the top of your head to its fullest, most richest state. Our treatments are not just limited to Male Pattern Baldness, either. Many women also suffer from hair loss and we take each individual’s unique situation into account to create the best possible treatment for them.