By its very nature, unwanted fat is stubborn. Accumulated fat cells can now be targeted, though, so unresponsive areas like the upper neck don’t have to be a continual problem if we don’t want them to. The area under the chin can develop what we call submental fullness under certain conditions. Sometimes it is because we’ve put on a few pounds. Sometimes it has to do with age and the loss of tissue firmness. Whatever the cause, most people who have what is also known as a double chin feel dissatisfied with the contours of their face. If you’re in this boat, we have a solution: Kybella.

What Is Kybella?

Kybella is an injectable treatment that was approved by the FDA in 2015. Since that time, millions of treatments have been conducted and many, many people gained the ability to feel good about their appearance again. Kybella is the brand name given to synthetic deoxycholic acid. The human body produces deoxycholic acid to break down the fats that are eaten. Seeing this mechanism of action, scientists tested the theory that deoxycholic acid could be used to destroy localized fat cells. As is demonstrated by the existence of Kybella, it could. It does. And it’s very effective. Still, we have to note that Kybella doesn’t work instantly. Results do take time. Here’s what patients can expect from this treatment.

Kybella Results Come in Time

During a Kybella session, multiple injections are made across the upper neck and below the chin. It is necessary to do this to disperse the deoxycholic acid uniformly through the area. Don’t worry, some topical numbing cream can make this virtually painless. The insertion of fluid into the layer of fat causes noticeable swelling. Well, this isn’t swelling in the way we normally view it; it’s distention caused by the deoxycholic acid floating through the layer of fat. Some patients report that they feel a “sloshy” sensation for a few days until the acid gets fully absorbed. Until that time, the upper neck also looks relatively full. A scarf can hide this.

Kybella doesn’t melt fat cells; it breaks them down. For this reason, it usually takes a few weeks for patients to notice appreciable changes in the appearance of their neck and chin. To be fair, we have to note that it takes about the same amount of time to see results from CoolSculpting. The chin-slimming effects of Kybella may increase for several weeks. After this time, if more fat reduction is desired, additional injections can be performed.

Your neck and chin are the frames to your face. Make your contours stand out in a good way by eliminating a double-chin. Call (801) 776-2220 to schedule your Kybella consultation in our Draper or Layton office.

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