As Utah’s leader in facial aesthetics, we are pleased to be the only provider in Utah to offer AccuTite at this time. AccuTite is another minimally invasive approach to lift and tighten the skin and tissue below surface. This new treatment can be done by itself or can be combined with filler for enhanced results!


AccuTite is a cutting-edge technology that delivers radiofrequency (RF) energy, which is the same energy as FaceTite. When the RF energy is delivered below the skin’s surface, the skin and underlying tissue contracts for a tighter, more contoured appearance. AccuTite can be used on multiple areas of the face.

Common areas treated with AccuTite:

  • folds around the mouth (smile lines)
  • upper and lower eyelids
  • brow
  • marionette lines
  • neck


As most of you know, the majority of fillers are made of hyaluronic acid (HA), a natural substance already found in the skin. All HA fillers are also metabolized by our bodies which then causes them to break down. This is why most fillers only last 6-12 months, with a few lasting up to 24 months.

Common areas treated with filler:

  • folds around the mouth (smile lines)
  • under-eye hollowing
  • lips
  • cheeks
  • adding structure to chin/jawline.


After a filler treatment, daily activities can be resumed immediately although bruising and swelling can occur. This typically subsides in 3-7 days and can easily be camouflaged with makeup.

AccuTite, on the other hand, requires about two to three days of downtime with some possible bruising that may last up to ten days. Exercise is also to be avoided for approximately one week after treatment.


Results after an AccuTite treatment are subtle after the first week and about 60-70% more apparent by week six. The great thing about AccuTite is that tightening and contouring will continue for up to 9 to 12 months post treatment. With filler, results are instant but the site does swell with full results maintained once the bruising and swelling subside.

As listed above, there are areas where both AccuTite and fillers can be used and areas where each one cannot. We love that results can be customized and enhanced by using a combination of AccuTite and fillers. Having the ability to use both allows for total facial rejuvenation and natural results with little risk and little downtime.

To learn more about AccuTite or filler in Draper and Layton, Utah, please call or text (801) 776-2220 or contact us HERE.

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