Michelle: Hi guys.

Laura: Hizers

Michelle: Here’s the deal.. about a month and a half ago I got fed up with the dark circles under my eyes.

Laura:  I’m still fed up with mine.

Michelle: Your’s look good.

Laura: I’m fed up to my eyeballs. (laughs) with my dark circles. Well, I have a really good concealer.

Michelle: I know. We both have makeup on right now but, a few months back I was like I’m over it. I’m ready to just do something about it. I was complaining about it all the time.. I was constantly like frustrated so I did something about it.

Laura: I think we mentioned in one of our videos that the lash serum.. Latisse

Michelle: Latisse definitely made the under eye circles more prominent. It definitely made them worse. But, genetically we just have dark circles under our eyes in my family.. thanks mom.. I think.  Would I rather have long eyelashes or dark circles?

Laura: I’d rather not have dark circles.

tear troughs filled, which means they are putting filler underneath your eye to fill out where you are hollowing. I got it done. I want you to see it. I also want to warn you that it is a little graphic. So here you go… warning graphic.

Michelle: Ok, hi. I am just getting to Utah Facial Plastics where I am about to get the dark circles filled because things have been bad and it’s been driving me crazy for so long. But I am finally going to do something about it. So, I am just getting here and I want to show you guys the before situation. I mean, I’ve been complaining about it for so long now it’s time to do something about it. SO, I’m going to do something about it. Come with me.

Alfie: So we are going to do right in here and maybe a tiny bit right there, what do you think?

Michelle: Well, you tell me. The dark circles have been such an issue. I have had filler before and I think it has just gone away little bit.

Alfie: So that’s the thing with filler. Filler will help with hollowing and dark circles that are caused from hollowing. It won’t necessarily help with dark circles that are caused from discoloration. That is more…we have to figure out what it is. Like is it a vitamin deficiency? Is it thyroid? We can do other things like PRP or fat transfer. It can help some people but filler underneath the skin has a blueish hue to it. So it can actually make dark circles look worse. Yours are from hollowing, a little bit of hollowing. If it is caused from hyperpigmentation or things like that.. there are other things to do. Filler under the eye is not going to fix that and it can actually make it worse. It made mine worse…I had dark circles from a thyroid issue and I laid filler down on the bone and it still had a bluish hue to it. You have to be very careful.

Michelle: If you are going to get your tear troughs done, you need to go to someone you trust because that needle is up in your eyeball. Not in your eyeball…it is just really close against your eye, like it is a big deal. Big deal. And she went and did it really conservatively and just really good.  Guys! I might be able to get away with wearing less makeup.

Michelle: So there you have it.

Laura: Crazy town, right? The things you can do to just fix and make your self feel better. I say whatever makes yourself feel better.

Michelle: I couldn’t agree more. its just one of those things that can really age you and make you look tired and it is something that you can fix.

Laura: Yeah!

Michelle: Usually. So, it might be worth it to you if might not but I wanted to share my experience with you. Utah Facial Plastics is so wonderful, Alfie is so great and the best advice I have for you looking for a place outside of Utah is do your research, do your homework, do your due diligence. Ask people you trust.

Laura: …and people that look good!

Michelle: Yes. What is that one app called? Realself. I think it’s called Realself.  Do not try to go to someone who does it for cheap. Like you want to go to someone.. like they’re right there up against your eyeball with a needle.

Laura: You want to go to someone who is very good and particular.

Michelle: So, yeah that’s our advice for you. Best of luck, thanks for watching. Make sure you subscribe. We love you.

Laura: Don’t forget to subscribe.

For more information about tear trough correction in Draper and Layton, call us at (801) 776-2220 or contact us HERE.

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