Skin Resurfacing Draper, UT Winter seemed to stretch out this year, but we are making our way toward brighter and warmer days. Now that Springtime has officially arrived, there is some deep cleaning to do. Everything in nature is refreshing and regenerating, so why not follow along? At Utah Facial Plastics, Spring Cleaning for your skin looks unique because it is designed around your needs and objectives. Here, we discuss a few of the vital points to get Springsational skin and specific techniques that can get you there.

It’s Time for Deep Cleaning

When we think of cleansing our skin, we often assume that the daily splash of water or nighttime washing and moisturizing that is recommended is sufficient. It’s not. It’s actually not even a good starting point. For your daily skincare to be successful, you’ve got to truly clean the slate now and then. Springtime is a great time to do this. For some of our patients, cleaning the slate may be a simple, light chemical peel. In other instances, a Hydrafacial, laser resurfacing, or dermabrasion may be more appropriate. Once this initial cleaning is performed, everything you do daily will be more efficient.

Let’s Talk about Regeneration

The body is made up of millions of cells. The skin, being the largest organ, contains a high percentage of the cellular makeup of the body. Luckily, our cells regenerate with outstanding regularity. What we have learned, though, is that factors such as stress, environmental pollution, and UV exposure can alter the way that regeneration occurs. With professional treatments on a yearly, bi-annual, or quarterly basis, it is possible to support the ongoing process of cellular turnover. The goal is to nourish deeper-lying cells so that, when they rise to the surface, they glow with vibrant health. To do this, they need collagen.

We offer two forms of collagen induction therapy in our Layton and Draper offices. The first is microneedling. This minimally invasive procedure invites collagen proliferation by creating micro-injuries with tiny needles. Comfort is maintained throughout treatment with topical numbing gel. Another way to promote collagen production is with laser treatment. Fractional laser resurfacing is popular due to its gentle nature and minimal downtime during which skin may flake and peel.

Are you ready to reveal glowing skin after a drab winter? Call (801) 776-2220 to schedule your visit with our friendly team.

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