Conveniently we have makeup to cover up our imperfections and flaws. We also have makeup to enhance our features. I love makeup because it makes me feel feminine and pretty. But I also have many days where I want to walk out the door with a fresh face and embrace more of a natural look. Makeup is great and can do so many things, but the reality is taking care of your skin is more important.

I have had skin problems for years and I am continuing the fight to this day to have the best skin possible. Thanks to my use and knowledge of great skin care I feel like my skin would be much worse today if I had not been taking care of it.

I have done multiple treatments such as microdermabrasion, chemical peels, laser treatment, but the skin care I do on a daily basis is most important to me. Without it the results from my treatments would not last. Here at Utah Facial Plastics we use SkinMedica and SkinCeuticals. I have personally used make skin care lines throughout the years and they are by far my favorite so far. These are physician grade products with a lot of research and clinical testing behind them. Medical grade products have higher active ingredients, they penetrate deeper, they are better for correcting real skin problems and maintaining good skin.

Why Skincare Is So Important

    • Understanding skincare helps understand your skins needs better.
    • When you know your skin you will be better at deciding what kind of products you need for your skin.
    • Improving your skin can reduce the amount of makeup you use.
    • Caring for your skin will reduce the need for added treatments or procedures down the road.
    • Your skin is forever, makeup is temporary.
    • Bright, Smooth skin signals health and vitality.
    • Our skin is our largest organ, we MUST take care of it.

Keep watch for my next article that will get more in depth about how to choose your skin care and what ingredients are most important. Head over to our website where you can purchase products from our online store! To schedule a skin care consultation with our knowledgeable estheticians contact us at 801-776-2220.


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