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Fox News Health recently posted an article on 6 procedures plastic surgeons don’t want you to get that we found to be very educational and important to discuss with others. With cosmetic procedures on the rise in the US, it’s important to understand which plastic surgery procedures you should never get. Here are a list of many discussed in the Fox News article with some we’ve added as well.

1. Silicone Oil Injections

While approved for use by the Food and Drug Administration for the use of old acne scars, most plastic surgeons do not recommend this procedures. This is because of the complications that can occur if the injection were to get infected or inflamed. Because it’s not a solid implant or in a solid area, it’s very hard to removed if needed.

2. Necklift that remove glands

There are two glands below the jawline that should not be removed with a facelift, despite that fact that some patients will request this. Removing these glands can be dangerous. This can potentially cause chronic dry mouth and/or bleeding that could compromise a patients breathing making it especially difficult at night.

3. Necklift without lower facelift

While confusing to many, necklift and facelift are often used interchangeably as they both typically refer to the same procedure. A facelift, or necklift, lifts the lower face and neck. The incision in the hairline behind the ear allows the surgeon to lift and tighten the neck. There’s also an incision under the chin to suction out fat and suture neckbands.

Many patients would like the neck to be lifted without the lower face. If incisions are only placed behind the ears to lift and tighten the neck but do not address the lower face, the result will look very unnatural.

In some cases, a submentoplasty can be performed instead to tighten the neck but does involve incisions in the front of the neck, which is not ideal. Dr. Thompson almost always recommends a face or necklift as the best option before suggesting submentoplasty surgery.

4. Ribrosections

Ribrosections involve removing ribs to make the waistline smaller. Most plastic surgeons do not recommend this as there are dangerous risks that can occur with surgery, such as a lung puncture or damage to the kidneys or other organs.

5. Threadlifting

Threadlifting has gained traction in the market as it sounds like a great minimally invasive option to obtaining facelift results. While it sounds promising, the results are typically less than ideal and do not last while the price remains high.

This type of facelift can leave irregularities in the skin, bunching, dimpling or rippling. Plus the threads can also be hard to remove later in if the patient decides they want them out.

6. Large buccal fat excisions

Patients with fuller cheeks often ask to have the fat pads removed or suctioned out to create a slimmer appearance. Dr. Thompson typically does not recommend this as it may look good initially, but overtime as volume is lost due to aging, they could be left with a “gaunt” and aged appearance and need a great deal of fat grafting to restore youthfulness.

7. Non-FDA approved procedures

This should be a given but it happens more often than many would realize. Any procedure or product that is not regulated by the FDA is strongly recommended against by plastic surgeons. They are often the ones that patients come to when things go wrong. There are many unsafe injections and implants on the black market that may be enticing due to low cost, but come with high risk.

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