KYBELLA Patient Before and After (Front view)

Kybella is an exciting new injectable that eliminates submental fat, which is the fat below the chin that many refer to as a “double-chin”. The active ingredient in Kybella literally destroys fat cells and begins working as soon as it’s injected into the submental area. Results do take time as swelling also occurs immediately following treatment and can four to six weeks to subside, depending on how much was injected and how much submental fat was treated. Patients typically return for 2-4 sessions total before full results are acheived. At that point, the fat is gone forever, unless extreme changes are made to ones diet and lifestyle, and patients can enjoy a more defined jawline from then on.

Kybella Cost

So how much does Kybella cost? The price varies depending on how many vials are needed per session and how many sessions are required. These are both questions that can be answered after a full evaluation by Dr. Thompson or our Nurse Injector, Alfie. Both are trained in treating patients with Kybella and determining the appropriate amount of Kybella needed for full improvement.

The first session more often than not will require 2 vials of Kybella. Pricing is approximately $600, though we do have specials on injectables often and there is a discounted rate for subsequent vials after the first 1-2. On average, a patient can expect to pay $1200 for their first session and then the price drops from there. Some patients may be good with just one session and others may need to come back from more.

At an initial consultation, either Alfie or Dr. Thompson can also provide information and cost on alternative treatments for a double-chin, such as submental liposuction.

Kybella Special

At Utah Facial Plastics, we currently have a special on Kybella for $200 off your first session of two vials. With each treatment, patients also receive Brilliant Distinctions points that will help them save on future Kybella treatments or on SkinMedica skincare, Latisse, Botox, Juvederm, or Voluma, as they all qualify for Brilliant Distinctions points with Allergan.

For more information on Kybella or to schedule a consultation to learn how many treatments of Kybella you would benefit from, call (801)776-2220. Utah Facial Plastics has a location in Layton and Draper, Utah.

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