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There’s no question that 42 year-old Sofia Vergara is one of the most beautiful women in US television. But she certainly won’t rule out Botox and cosmetic surgery in the future.

In the November Issue of In Style magazine, she is quoted as saying, “If it makes you happier and more confident, then why not?”

“But I also think you need to do your research so you know what to expect – that you’ll look fresher but not necessarily younger. I don’t want to age, but hey, what can you do? It’s a natural process. I’m trying to do it gracefully.”

christy brinkleySofia also provided some of her own beauty tips and advice. “I believe that unless you’re Gisele Bundchen, it’s important to wear mascara and lipstick every day. It helps”. She also added that she gets beauty inspiration from other famous beautiful women, such as Christie Brinkley.
“If I read about a person in a magazine, like Christie Brinkley, who’s 60 and looks ridiculously gorgeous, I buy everything she says she uses,” she reveals. “I’m a crazed person when it comes to products.

Though I’m sure Christie Brinkley uses some great skincare products, I’m also sure not all of her youthfulness comes from a bottle. It’s rumored, and likely from her photos, that she’s had laser treatments or chemical peels to give her flawless skin that looks as good as it did in the 80’s. Her forehead is very smooth and likely has had some Botox. Other possible procedures would be an eyelid lift and/or facelift.

The timeless model has never addressed reports of plastic surgery but attributes her youthful appearance to a vegetarian diet and working out.

Either way, she certainly looks great, as does Sofia Vergara who likely receives skin treatments and/or Botox & dermal fillers on occasion. And why wouldn’t she? She’s a confident, beautiful woman who doesn’t look overdone.

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