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Patients often tell us following facelift or MACS facelift surgery that others continue to tell them how great and refreshed they look but don’t know exactly why. They may ask if the patient has changed their hair, lost weight, or went on a long vacation. Those kind of compliments are the perfect sign of a great facelift. When a facelift looks tight or pulled, it’s obvious to others that may start comparing you to certain celebrities with the same “overdone” result. As a facial plastic surgery who performs many facelift surgeries on a regular basis, Dr. Scott Thompson has helped hundreds of patients get a natural looking facelift in Utah.

Dr. Thompson trained with top facial plastic surgeons in the country and completed a fellowship under the previous president of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Dr. Vito Quatela. With his extensive training and 10 + years of experience performing facelift surgeries, patients can expect youthful, natural-looking results and exceptional care. Dr. Thompson’s facelift technique differs from a typical facelift technique in that it is more comprehensive and lifts and tightens the mid-face, which is not addressed with a typical facelift.  He typically incorporates the use of a patients own fat to restore lost volume in the face as well. Together, patients experience a longer lasting, more natural result.

Dr. Thompson’s MACS Facelift procedure is highly popular due to it’s benefits of shorter scars, less recovery time, no general anesthesia, and lower cost. MACS lift is an abbreviation for “Minimal Access Cranial Suspension-lift’: which means a ‘minilift with vertical suspension of the sagging tissue, through a small incision’. It’s certainly been a revolutionary procedure and one with a history of longer lasting results than other “mini-lift” procedures advertised today.

Natural facelift results can also be achieve with non-surgical facelift techniques. This is typically accomplished with the combination of dermal fillers, Botox®, and/or laser procedures. The right “lift” for each patient depends on a number of factors and is determined by Dr. Thompson at a free consultation in one of his three locations across the Wasatch front.

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