Facial plastic surgery continues to grow in popularity and 2014 is predicted to show record numbers for cosmetic procedures in general. These four trends make it easy to see why.

1) Greater Accessibility

Patients can often receive a free consultation from the comfort of their own home via Skype and other similar online applications. Dr. Thompson visits with patients from other states at times for their initial consultation making it so they only need one trip for a personal exam followed by surgery. The ability to discuss concerns over the internet allows us to put plans in place and schedule surgery so the process is smooth once the patient arrives.

2) Less Expensive

Around the country there is a greater increase in cosmetic facilities in general. So as the supply goes up prices have come down with many businesses trying to stay competitive.

3) Increased Procedures for All Areas of the Body

Procedures are becoming more refined and specific to different areas of the body creating more opportunities for improvement. An example from 2013 is the recently FDA approved Juvederm Voluma designed specifically for the cheek/mid-face area. It’s the first dermal filler specific to that area and we’ll continue to see more such products and procedures designed for all areas of the body.

4) Less Stigma Attached

Botox has become as routine to many as visiting their hair stylist. The associated stigmas are disappearing around the world with such successful outcomes and minimal risk associated with many of the procedures. More celebrities have been candid about the work they’ve had done and with the recent dip in the economy, more people are turning to cosmetic surgery to help them stay competitive in the workforce.

At Thompson Facial Plastics, the top cosmetic procedures in 2013 included injectables (Botox & fillers), rhinoplasty surgery, facelifts (full and MACS), blepharoplasty (eyelid) surgery, and skin resurfacing and we expect to see the popularity continue.


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