We all age differently depending on our genetic makeup, lifestyle, and skincare. Celebrities are no different! What is different is that most of a considerably higher amount of money to spend on skincare, facial treatments, cosmetic surgery, personal chefs, trainers, the list goes on and on. So why do some still age so badly despite all the resources available to them?

Let’s take a look at a few and give the reasoning that is suggested by StyleBlazer. I realize I’m not being kind showing their photos with negative comments but I feel we can learn a lot about aging based on their situations and how we’ve seen them change throughout the years.

Lindsay is a good one to start with. She looks so fresh and healthy in the first photo and likely had done some laser skin procedures. But clearly, partying and drug abuse have taken a toll on this 25 year old. It also looks as though she has gone a little too far with facial fillers which has left her looking unnatural.

More is not always better and Dr. Thompson is known for being open and honest about what facial enhancements or corrections will look best but still natural. You don’t want these procedures to be super obvious to everyone else around you! Dr. Thompson’s patients often talk about the compliments they receive from people telling them they just look great, or fresh, happy, etc. but are not sure what it is that’s different exactly.

It’s been reported that the 41 year old fashionista, Rachel Zoe, is a smoker and has a history of giving celebrity clients drugs to help aide weightloss. It could be possible that she has helped herself with a few of those drugs as she is incredibly thin & frighteningly gaunt!

Weightloss is not always a good thing and can leave many look frail and older than they really are due to volume loss in the face. Dr. Thompson does recommend weight gain to patients that could benefit from it, not just cosmetically, but physically as well.

We all know this mega-model has spent her fair share of time in night clubs and the partying & drug use has definitely taken it’s toll on her skin!

Lack of sleep & drug use are huge factors in premature aging as well as sun damage. Photofacials and hydroquinone products can help repair too much sun exposure and Dr. Thompson recommends an antioxidant serum and sunscreen as the 2 essential products in any skincare regimen.

It’s pretty obviously here but someone needed to tell her when enough was enough! Her many plastic surgeries and cosmetic treatments are overdone and have left her looking like nothing more than a cartoon character!

It’s important to have a physician that is honest with you and looks out for your best interest. Dr. Thompson is known for keeping patients looking natural and real for their age. It’s all about looking your best and not unlike yourself…. or any human for that matter!

Sammy Sosa, yikes! This is a person who should never be using bleaching cream on their face. Whoever prescribed him the cream was doing no one a favor.

It’s important to see someone trained  in how different products will work with different skin colors and types. Not only when it comes to skin cremes, but with skin resurfacing treatments and cosmetic surgery as there may be adverse effects.

Written by Jenny Y.

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