For facial skin issues requiring surgical intervention, facelift surgery or rhytidectomy is neither the only nor the first option. The proper procedure is determined based on your specific facial concern. When such concern involves only mild sagging of the cheek resulting in a hollow appearance below the eyes and deepening of the facial folds, it can be remedied  either by injectable fillers or by a mid-face lift procedure. If you want a more permanent and significant improvement, choose the mid facelift route.

Sagging or loosening of facial skin is generally believed to be caused by the combined factors of ageing, gravity, daily stress, and genetics. This skin sagging is usually combined with a gradual loss of facial volume. Now mid facelift surgery is undertaken only if you don’t really need a full facelift yet. Known also as cheek lift, the procedure requires lesser incisions which are completely hidden behind the hairline. In other words, a mid facelift procedure can bring about youthful vitality to your mid-face with lesser invasion and surgical risks.

The more specific goals of the procedure include: reducing puffiness below the eyes; reducing nasolabial folds; and improving the contour of the cheeks by lifting and shaping to achieve a natural rejuvenated look.

Based in Salt Lake City, Dr. Scott Thompson performs mid facelift surgeries with very satisfying results. Before deciding to perform any surgery, the Double Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon consults fully and engages in discussion with each patient so that a planned procedure is well understood and there’s nothing lost in translation. It is his professional policy to solicit the specific cosmetic aspirations of his patients and deliver such aspirations as much as practicable.

Dr. Thompson’s expertise with facial procedures cannot be questioned. Aside from his impressive educational background and training, he is indeed a specialist in facial plastic surgery. As a Facial Plastic Surgeon, he can restore a youthful, natural balance to your face by utilizing a comprehensive and holistic approach.

To consult personally with Dr. Thompson, please contact us at (801) 666-2820 or submit this Consult Request Form.

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