With advancements in technology, patients are looking for the latest and greatest non-invasive cosmetic lasers to help them achieve their aesthetic goals and avoid the knife. Because any surgery will carry some level of risk and recovery time, it’s no wonder laser treatments have become so popular. And while they are beneficial for many, others will find that they just don’t see the improvement they hoped for. This can be especially difficult as laser treatments are often near the same cost as more permanent surgical procedures.

At the 2014 Vegas Cosmetic Surgery conference, a number of surgeons and dermatologists discussed whether or not current laser technologies are equal to or superior to surgery or ablative procedures. Despite the fact that she has 40 lasers, Dr. Jill Waibel feels that facelift and eyelid surgery results cannot be matched with any of them, including tightening lasers. But they do work great to prolong the need for surgery initially and to provide touchups years following facelift surgery.

Another physician points out the importance of both lasers and surgery for treating different concerns and different patients. The best facial rejuvenation is often achieved with a facelift for tightening, fat grafting for volume and a CO2 Fractional Laser treatment to resurface the skin. They are all doing different things but provide amazing results when combined together.

It certainly can depend on the laser used and the purpose it is being used for. Fractional skin resurfacing laser treatments provide amazing results and are often easier to recover from them traditional ablative techniques. But when it comes to skin tightening, patients will typically get more bang for their buck by sticking with the scalpel.

Laser technology continues to advance and more studies are being done to determine typical results patients can expect and how they stack up next to studies done on surgical patients. The best cosmetic practices offer both laser and surgical procedures to compliment each other and provide a diverse patient base with multiple options to address their aesthetic concerns.

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