Dermabrade for the Holidays!

Your skin is fragile, but resilient…given that it’s exposed to daily environmental pollutants and the long list of ingredients in your make-up and skin-care products. And if you are a man or woman of a “certain age,” you may not be able to reduce the visible signs of aging without help.

If age spots, wrinkles and fine lines are not yet a concern, you may be dealing with scars resulting from an accident or surgery; you may have acne scarring. Unfortunately, if these scars are on your face, they may affect your self-confidence.

A very popular treatment for the signs of aging or scarring is dermabrasion, a skin-resurfacing procedure that uses high-speed instruments to resurface your skin and improve its contour and texture. The concept of abrading the skin, or removing the top layer for skin rejuvenation, isn’t new. It dates back to ancient Egypt when royal physicians used a type of sandpaper to smooth royal skin.

When the modern technique of dermabrasion was first developed, it was used primarily to treat and improve scars. Today, Dr. Thompson uses dermabrasion to treat not only scars but also sun damage, fine lines, age spots and wrinkles.

Why Dermabrade?

  • You may want to refresh your skin without opting for surgery.
  • You may choose to have your scars treated because they are severe and disfiguring and you are emotionally affected by their appearance.
  • You may have spent too many hours enjoying the sun and want to treat the resulting age spots.

Dermabrasion treatments are done at our Layton and Draper offices and take from a few minutes to an hour. Within seven to ten days your new skin will begin to appear. Keep in mind that you may need additional treatments.

The decision undergo a dermabrasion procedure is a personal decision and one that Dr. Thompson looks forward to discussing with you. As with any cosmetic procedure, it is important that you have realistic expectations.

It’s the perfect time of year to consider a dermabrasion procedure. Call to book an appointment, today: (801) 776-2220.

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