PRP for Hair Loss with Dr. Scott Thompson

Good 4 Utah Extra with Dr. Scott Thompson, facial plastic surgeon and hair restoration specialist in Utah.

Nicea DeGering: Fifty-six million Americans suffer from hair loss. Forty percent of those are women. Dr. Scott Thompson is joining us now from Utah Facial Plastics. This is a good person to ask this question to … is it genetic? What is causing the hair loss?

Dr. Scott Thompson: Hair loss can be genetic, some people have hair loss in their family and we see it from generation to generation. But the root cause of hair loss is there’s decreased circulation to the hair follicle and when this happens, the follicle shrinks down, we call it miniaturization, and it eventually just dies and there’s no more hair there.

Nicea: There’s a new technique out there called PRP Hair Restoration Therapy. What is that?

Dr. Thompson: PRP stands for platelet rich plasma, which is your own blood. We draw blood up in a tube and we spin it down and pull out the platelets. Platelets are very important to the healing process so when we inject platelets into the skin where the hair is, they have all of their growth factors and nutrients that help to increase circulation for the follicle.

Nicea: So that actually stimulates the hair growth?

Dr. Thompson: It stimulates blood flow, which in turn stimulates hair growth, exactly.

Nicea: Who is this for? Who is an ideal candidate for PRP hair therapy?

Dr. Thompson: Anyone can possibly be a candidate. There are many other hair therapies as well so what we typically do is sit down and discuss all the options. This is a new one but there are other options as well and we just kind of figure out whether a surgical or non-surgical option is right for you.

Nicea: Alright, is the procedure easy to do?

Dr. Thompson: It’s very easy to do and is literally just a needle like an injectable, such as Botox. It’s very simple and there’s no recovery or downtime.

Nicea: I love that there’s another option out there for millions of Americans suffering from hair loss. PRP is a new procedure showing a lot of promise. For any questions, go to or visit

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