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Good Morning America: PRP for Hair Loss in Women

“Now to new hope for those suffering from hair loss. More than 56 million Americans suffer from hair loss and about 40% of them are women. Now there’s a new treatment that does not involve surgery or drugs could bring big results.”

“It’s all over your TV, Tina Fey, Selena Gomez, all rocking the most beautiful hair. But the reality is that not everybody has such luscious hair.”

Dr. Jeremy Rapaport: “Women losing there hair are thinking about it all day long. It’s devasting to them.”

“That’s why many people are talking about PRP, or Platelet Rich Plasma therapy, the recent is preliminary but promising. It uses no surgery, no drugs, and no expensive ointments. And it starts at $400 a session. Here’s how doctors who use it explain it.”

“First, you draw the blood. Then a machine separates the platelets filled with growth factors. Then, those platelets are injected into the scalp to 1) stimulate new hair growth, 2) decrease hair loss, and 3) make the hair grow thicker. While producing the PRP is FDA approved, the procedure is not.”

“You’re injecting the scalp so you can get bruising, a little swelling, and you can get a little collection of blood.”

“After JC had her son, her hair took a dramatic shift.”

“It was very embarrassing. I had to work it so you wouldn’t see the bald spots. So as I’m moving the hair around, I’m like oh my God.”

“But after just two rounds of treatment, she said she started to see a big change.”

“It was very beautiful.”

“For Michelle, after having 2 children her thick hair went to brittle, thinning hair.”

“It just didn’t have the fullness I was used to. It was getting kind of stringy looking.”

“But after just two treatments, Michelle said she got her thickness back.”

“It’s probably the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.”

“We know men have this issue but many were not aware that 40% of those losing their hair are women. Dr. Jennifer Ashton is going to take some questions on Twitter.”

“Why am I, a 55 year-old woman, balding like a man? Same hair on top. Feel so bad.”

“And this is really one of the dirty little secrets about peri-menopause that doesn’t get spoken about. You can see this in women that start as early as their 40’s. It all has to do with changing hormone levels. So if you look at this, most people know, all the hormone changes we go through with menopause. Estrogen drops, progesterone drops and that can affect hair loss and blood flow to the scalp. But testosterone also drops, but relative to estrogen it seems to go up. So that’s where you go those male pattern symptoms; thinning hair, hair loss, acne, the occasional chin hair…not fun.”

“No one really talks about this aspect of it.”

“No one talks.”

“Alright, now we have a video from facebook. Here’s what she has to ask.”

“Hi Dr. Ashton, I’m thinking of getting PRP and I’m wondering how long before you see results?”

“It really depends on if you’re using PRP to treat thinning or hair loss. It has to do with the life cycle of the hair follicle. There are three basic stages. The first is the Anagen phase. This is the really active phase. This is the growth stage that lasts between 2 and 6 years. Then it goes into the catagen phase, where the hair goes through transition and this lasts about 2 weeks. And finally, telogen. This is really the resting phase and it can last for about two months. So when doing PRP, it can take 2-6 months to start to see the results. I did this myself and I think we have a before and after. That was about a six month time period and you can see the results are dramatic. In regards to cost, some doctors are charging $1600-$2000 per treatment. Dr. Rappaport in our segment is doing it for about $4-500.”

“We have another question. Other than Rogaine, is there someone else? What shampoo is best for thinning hair?”

“There is minoxidil (Rogaine), over-the-counter. There are prescriptions that block the hormonal effects. Biotin supplements, behavior changes, don’t expose it to too much color changes and processes. There are shampoos. There’s a good shampoo called Keranic, that really thickens the hair. It’s very effective and it’s all about options.”

“It’s a very emotional issue for men and women.”

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