5 Top Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedures Trending in 2016

Alfie Symes from Utah Facial Plastic discusses the top non-surgical cosmetic procedures trending this fall on Fresh Living.

Casey Scott: Welcome back…we all want to look and feel our best but many people want to avoid surgery at all costs.

Debbie Worthen: There are some great options that don’t require surgery and here to tell us about those is Alfie Symes, expert injector at Utah Facial Plastics. So Alfie, thanks so much for coming on Fresh Living. Tell us about the non-surgical options when it comes to improving our looks.

Alfie Symes: The number one top non-surgical cosmetic procedure is Botox because it works really well and no one has to know that you’ve done it. You can go get it on your lunch hour, go right back to work and no one will know.

Casey Scott: When is too early to start Botox or when is the best time?

Alfie Symes: Botox is preventative as well so our patients are getting younger and younger to prevent wrinkles from forming. For me, when my Botox is wearing off others may ask me what is wrong and I feel like I just need more Botox to keep me from showing frown lines!

Casey Scott: So Botox is a great one, what’s another one?

Alfie Symes: Dermal fillers…fillers are fun because the results are instant. They lift and fill lines and rejuvenate the face.

Debbie Worthen: So where do we put fillers?

Alfie Symes: Fillers can go in many different areas of the face. We have many types of fillers…some lift, some add volume, some just fill in lines. So really we can do the whole face like a liquid facelift.

Debbie Worthen: So how do you know if you need Botox or a filler?

Alfie Symes: We can help you with that and usually it’s a combination of the two.

Casey Scott: One thing you can do with them is lip augmentation. How is that done?

Alfie Symes: Lips we just add a little fullness. Some women want a lot of fullness and some want more subtle fullness. Even a little bit can really make a big difference. The results are very natural, not ducky or anything.

Debbie Worthen: What about the Kybella. What does this do?

Alfie Symes: Kybella dissolves the fat underneath your chin to give a more defined jawline.

Debbie Worthen: Many of us have those double chins so this is great.

Kybella before and after photo

Alfie Symes: Typically you want to do 2-4 treatments so it’s best to come into the office and we can give you our recommendation. Once you get done with the series the results are permanent.

Casey Scott: Is there downtime?

Alfie Symes: There is a little downtime and maybe some bruising but it isn’t significant…maybe a few days to a week.

Casey Scott: And the last one we’re going to talk about…chemical peels.

Alfie Symes: Chemical peels are also great…you can come in on your lunch hour. We have different kinds…many are superficial and you can go right back to work. Some are deeper that require a little more downtime. They’re great in the fall when you’re out of the sun. It works well to lighten and brighten the skin and help you get ready for the holidays.

Casey Scott: Right now we’re looking at some of the specials you have going on. This one is for chemical peels and there are others…great reasons for people to come out and visit you.

Debbie Worthen: And you also have micro-needling.

Alfie Symes: Yes, it works well for a Vampire Facial where we take your blood and micro-needle growth factors into your skin for full rejuvenation. It’s amazing and one of my favorites. It shrinks pores, helps fine lines and wrinkles, improves skin texture and tone and anyone can do it.

Casey Scott: Where are you guys located?

Alfie Symes: We have two locations…one in Draper and one in Layton.

Debbie Worthen: So people can come in with questions and talk to you?

Alfie Symes: Yes, free consultations.

Casey Scott: Thank you for stopping by today with this great information.

For more information on top non-surgical cosmetic procedures, call (801)776-2220 to schedule a consultation in Layton or Draper, Utah.

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