About Dr. Scott K Thompson, Facial Plastic Surgeon in Utah

“I am Dr. Scott Thompson, a board-certified facial plastic surgeon in Utah. My areas of expertise involve both facial reconstructive and cosmetic surgery and procedures. My training is exclusively in the face so I had five years of residency training where I was studying head and neck surgery and all aspects of surgery.

My job in general is very rewarding because I get to deal with people every single day. They are people of all ages and all different problems and challenges. I take care of a lot of kids. For example, I do a lot of work on kids with congenital ear problems – microtia – or ears that stick out that I perform otoplasty surgery on to bring them closer to the head. I also see a lot of patients for facelift surgery who are just trying to look more rejuvenated and youthful. It’s very satisfying to me to provide them with such results and see the impact it has on their personal lives.

I have two locations in Layton and Draper, Utah and travel to both locations to see patients and perform procedures at both locations. My two nurse injectors are very skilled at treating patients daily with injectables, such as Botox and Juvederm, and also administer PRP injections for hair restoration and facial skin rejuvenation. We have estheticians at both locations who offer laser procedures and chemical peels as well.

dr scott thompson

Patients can expect to receive quality care from all members of our staff, who are very friendly and knowledgeable on the procedures we offer. We get a lot of feedback about the very natural results patients get from surgical and non-surgical procedures we offer and I believe that’s something we excel at here at Utah Facial Plastics.

As a facial plastic surgeon in Utah, common surgical procedures I perform include facelift, rhinoplasty, eyelid, browlift, fat injection, and hair transplant surgery as well as facial skin rejuvenation procedures. I also reconstruct areas where cancer has been removed, revise scars, and perform other reconstructive procedures.”

For more information or to schedule a consultation, call (801)776-2220 for either location near SLC, Utah.

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