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hair loss for womenTypically, any degree of baldness is something we associate with men. However, research data indicates that as much as 40% of the female population may experience hair loss – and that is before the age of 50! Also called androgenetic alopecia, female pattern hair loss may involve the excessive shedding of hair, or loss in volume in a specific, localized area, such as the crown of the head.

Looking for Answers

One of the first questions that a woman may have when she notices she is losing hair is “why?” Why do some women lose hair and others not? While there is a bit of evidence that points to hormonal changes after menopause (estrogens), there are a number of other potential reasons that a woman may lose her hair. During our initial consultation and assessment, we look beyond hormones to evaluate a potential correlation between hair loss and stress, nutrition, pregnancy, thyroid function, and weight.

The Real Question

The real question, the one that demands an answer, is how hair growth can be supported. Yes, it is possible to wear a wig; but that isn’t a long-term solution, now, is it? A woman wants to feel confident in her appearance at all times, and her hair is a crucial aspect of her self-identity. When diagnosing hair loss, our immediate secondary question is how to correct the problem.

Historically, hair loss has been treated with hair transplant surgery. Patients who visit one of our 3 offices in Utah can discuss the integral aspects of innovative methods, including hair grafting and also PRP therapy for hair loss.

PRP therapy is a non-surgical approach, which patients (both men and women) tend to like. However, it is important to understand that the longevity of hair growth is shorter for PRP patients than those who undergo transplant surgery. To support long-term results, PRP hair treatment needs to be repeated every so often, possible even once a year. Now, due to the convenience and non-surgical nature of this procedure, a once-a-year touch up doesn’t seem too bad at all, especially in light of the results that can be achieved.

Do not lose your confidence along with your hair. Call (801) 776-2220 to explore your hair restoration treatment options in Draper, Layton, or Bountiful.

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