Hair Transplant Surgery Special for Hair Loss Awareness Month

Hair loss is an incredibly difficult condition that we see many men and women here in Utah for. It seems to be much more common and difficult than others realize. Luckily, there are many things that can be done to restore fullness. August is National Hair Loss Awareness Month and at we’re offering a hair transplant surgery special at Utah Facial Plastics.

The special includes one free platelet-rich plasma treatment with any hair transplant surgery procedure, whether it’s done with the strip-method (FUT) or NeoGraft (FUE). This is a $750 value and can be redeemed before or after hair transplant surgery. The rich platelets are extracted from the patients blood by spinning in a centrifuge after a blood draw in our office. Those platelets are then injected into multiple areas of the scalp to regenerate hair growth. This can help newly placed grafts grow in thicker and stronger. When injected prior to surgery, it creates a healthy environment for those transplant grafts to grow in.

The special is only available for patients receiving a minimum of 1000 grafts with FUE or FUT. With an FUE or NeoGraft procedure, each follicle is extracted one at a time from the back of the head to place to bald or thinning areas on the scalp or face. Many patients use this option for beard or eyebrow restoration. With FUT or the strip-method, an area of the back of the scalp is excised to obtain the grafts from. With either method, the results are incredibly natural and permanent. The difference is only in how the grafts are obtained to therefore transplant to the needed areas. The hair does tend to go through “shock loss” a few weeks after surgery and fall out. But the follicles are still in place and produce hair approximately 3-5 months following surgery.

Hair transplant surgery is quite common and works very well for men and women. Other treatments may be recommended, such as medication, and it’s important to come in for a consultation to learn what treatment plan is right for you. To schedule this and receive our hair transplant surgery special for August, call (801)776-2220 or contact us HERE.

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