Microneedling is Not Your Average Dermal Rolling Treatment

Microneedling Layton, UtahMicroneedling is a treatment that we only started to hear about a few years ago. Some who have seen the selfie snapped by Kim K. after her microneedling with PRP treatment may initially think the whole process seems a little extreme. First, it’s not. Whether with or without platelet-rich plasma, microneedling is a gentle and effective way to promote skin health and beauty. While some people go to the extreme of thinking microneedling is extreme, other people are under the impression that professional microneedling is nothing more than glorified dermal rolling. Let’s clear this up.

Dermal Rolling

This manual treatment was an original method of soliciting more collagen for better skin. Initially performed by medical practitioners, dermal rolling gradually became a common esthetic treatment. As it became even more common, commercial dermal rollers were manufactured for home use. This may be convenient, but that’s about it.

There are a few drawbacks to dermal rolling with a manual instrument. A dermal roller looks like a needle-clad drum with a handle. To treat the skin, one must simply roll the small needles over the skin in a horizontal pattern, and then in a vertical pattern. First drawback: ouch! Dermal rolling is like microneedling in that it creates tiny punctures in superficial tissue. Because it can feel slightly painful, many people don’t perform treatment as often as necessary to affect change in the skin. The second drawback of manual dermal rolling is the mechanism of the roll itself. When the drum rolls over the skin, needles enter at an angle, not vertically. This could damage the skin in the long run.

Professional Microneedling

Microneedling conducted by a trained profession involves tiny punctures made with a sterile, mechanized instrument. The mechanical nature of microneedling ensures vertical insertion of needles. Additionally, the depth of treatment can be adjusted to accommodate varying skin thickness. To maximize the treatment experience, we may also apply topical numbing cream to soothe the skin before microneedling. To maximize efficacy, microneedling may include the application of platelet-rich plasma, yes, like Kim K., to powerfully nourish skin at the cellular level.

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