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There are many approaches to reversing and preventing unwanted signs of aging. It’s important to see Dr. Thompson and speak with him regarding all of your concerns and desires. At that time, he will make recommendations based on those concerns and help you come up with a plan to achieve your goals.

Dr. Thompson takes a full approach to facial rejuvenation, often by using a combination of products and procedures. A good skincare regimen is definitely important and Dr. Thompson will likely refer you to one of our knowledgeable estheticians to discuss skincare products from SkinMedica, PCA, Obagi and/or SkinCeuticals. We also offer a fantastic mineral makeup line, Glo Professionals, that provides excellent coverage without all the chemicals and parabens that can be harmful to your skin. Chemical peels or laser treatments are beneficial to treating hyper pigmentation and overall skin tone. Packages can be purchased which include both treatments and skincare products for full facial rejuvenation. More aggressive treatments include the CO2 laser, physician grade peels, and/or dermabrasion for deeper skin resurfacing.

Dr. Thompson offers a three levels of facelift techniques to address different stages of aging. A non-surgical facelift incorporates the use of dermal fillers and botox to rejuvenate the face. For a more invasive approach without general anesthesia, Dr. Thompson often recommends his in-office MACS Facelift procedure. Advantages include significant and long-lasting results due to elevation of the deeper tissues, a shorter incision and scar, quicker recovery and less cost. This can often be done in combination with fillers or fat injections for complete facial rejuvenation. Dr. Thompson typically using fat injections when performing full facelift surgery as the combination provides optimal results that he is well known for achieving.

As a facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Thompson is board certified in Ear, Nose, and Throat surgery as well as facial plastic surgery. Therefore, he understands the full scope of the nose and can address functional concerns as well as the cosmetic. Dr. Thompson performs a large amount of ear pinning (otoplasty) surgeries for younger adults and children with protruding ears as well as eyelid lifts in the office and in a surgical center. Other common procedures at Thompson Facial Plastics include browlifts, chin augmentation, lip augmentation, hair restoration, cheek augmentation, mole removal, MOHS Reconstruction, and scar revision.

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