Black Friday 2018

Please choose from the following treatment options and pay for your total with the link below. After we receive notice of your payment, we will contact you today or Monday to schedule. Thank you for your purchase and enjoy your weekend!

Juvederm Totals

Juvederm Ultra XC: $410 (after $150 discount)

Juvederm Ultra Plus XC: $460 (after $150 discount)

Voluma: $625 (after $150 discount)

Vollure: $500 (after $150 discount)

Volbella $500 for 1.0 syringe (after $150 discount) & $275 for 0.5 syringe (after $100 discount)

Kybella Total

Kybella: $600 for 1 session of 2 vials (after $250 discount)

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