Cases in Hair Restoration

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FUT Hair Transplant

September 25, 2018

32 year-old male patient had a previous hair transplant elsewhere and wanted to add more grafts into the temporal areas of the hairline.  A FUT (strip method) was done to add more hair into the temporal areas. The incision was done where the previous scar was and it healed very well.

Neograft by Dr. Thompson

June 19, 2018

30 year-old male patient had hair loss in the frontal hairline, sides of the scalp and the crown. He underwent Neograft surgery for 1900 grafts. He is 6 months post surgery.

FUT Hair Transplant by Dr. Thompson

May 30, 2018

64 year old female patient was concerned with thinning in her hairline and mid scalp area, where her hair parts. 1000 grafts were transferred to fill in this area.

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