NeoGraft with Utah Hair MD’s Dr. Scott Thompson

December 12, 2015

Are you tired of wasting money on products for hair loss and don’t want the scar on the back of the head that often results from traditional hair transplantation surgery methods.


Dr. Scott Thompson, board-certified facial plastic surgeon and fellowship trained hair transplant surgery specialist introduces NeoGraft, the first minimally invasive, automated hair transplant system that delivers completely natural looking results with no scalpel, no stitches, minimal pain and minimal downtime with no linear scar.

Strip-Method (FUT)

Dr. Thompson of Utah Hair MD also specializes in the FUT or Strip-Method procedure for hair transplantation. The FUT method provides amazing results as well but does require removing a strip of scalp from the back of the head to dissect follicular units from. Those grafts are then transplanted to recipient sites in bald or thinning areas of the scalp.

PRP Hair Therapy

The most popular non-surgical option for hair loss is PRP Hair Therapy, also a specialty at Utah Hair MD. This is for candidates who are not completely bald on the scalp but have some thinning or breakage and desire fuller, thicker hair. PRP Hair Therapy can stimulate the follicles to produce healthier hair fibers. Two treatments are recommended initially with touch-ups every 6-12 months to maintain results.

For information on NeoGraft and to determine what treatment (or combination of treatments) is right for you, call (801)609-9916 for a consultation with Utah’s Hair Specialist today.

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