Plastic Surgery for Women Over 65 More Popular Than Ever

November 21, 2016 recently published on article on the rise of “Grandma plastic surgery”. Plastic surgery for women over 65 years old has become more popular than ever with over 143,000 Americans above that age undergoing cosmetic procedures just last year. That number is expected to only rise in the coming years. Popular Cosmetic Procedures Among the…

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How Is A Forehead Reduction Performed at Utah Facial Plastics?

November 21, 2016

Dr. Thompson’s unique qualifications as a facial plastic surgeon and hair restoration specialist enables him to perform forehead reductions and/or hairline lowering procedures with great success. For patients desiring to lower their hairline or minimize their forehead length, there are a few ways this can be done at Utah Facial Plastics. So how is a…

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Hair Restoration Technology Today

November 17, 2016

Hair restoration has come a long way, even in just the past 10 years. Atlanta plastic surgeon Dr. Keith Jeffords shares that with hair transplant technology today your scalp often doesn’t need to pay the price. Hair Restoration Technology Changes The Game “Follicular unit extraction (FUE) doesn’t create a scar,” he says. “Instead, you remove a…

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Hair Transplant Surgery Scar Information

November 7, 2016

When it comes to any type of cosmetic surgical procedure, the main concern for patients is typically how the scars are going to heal and what they will look like moving forward. With hair transplant surgery, whether it’s FUT or NeoGraft, the same concerns apply. Here is some important hair transplant surgery scar information to…

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Millennials Sharing Plastic Surgery Photos on Instagram

November 4, 2016

It’s a trend we’re seeing across the nation with the explosion of social media….millennials sharing plastic surgery photos on Instagram and other forms of social media. The stigma of such things as Botox, lip augmentation and popular surgical procedures is lifting, especially for this age group. It’s somewhat of a cycle with social media. There’s…

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Hair Transplant Surgery in Utah For Jason Gray of Studio C

November 2, 2016

Funny man, Jason Gray, of Utah’s hit show Studio C receives hair transplant surgery in Utah from Dr. Scott Thompson of Utah Hair MD.  We were excited to have Jason Gray in the office for hair transplant surgery and can say he’s as nice as he funny and couldn’t be a better patient. After having…

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Facelift Scar Information from Utah Facial Plastics

October 31, 2016

Dr. Thompson performs many facelift procedures with an average of 2 per week with great results. Dr. Thompson is known for incredibly natural results and personalized care from start to finish. One of the most common questions people have at their initial consultation with Utah Facial Plastics is how the scars will look post surgery and…

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A Brief Discussion of Pediatric Plastic Surgery

October 30, 2016

Whether or not it’s ok for children to undergo plastic surgery is a controversial topic. Controversial, yes, it is, but there are many different situations in which it is not only acceptable but encouraged that a child undergo a surgical procedure to correct damage or deformity. These situations and their accompanying procedures are commonly based…

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