Microtia Post by Dr. Scott Thompson of Utah Facial Plastics for HUGS Foundation

April 23, 2014

Notes from Quito 2014 I’m excited to report on another successful mission trip to Ecuador.  Since my first mission a decade ago, my passion for the work that we do in South America has slowly and steadily developed.  The founders of the mission, Drs. Vito Quatela, Mack Cheney, Tessa Hadlock, and Paul Sabini have pushed…

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Dr. Scott K. Thompson of Thompson Facial Plastics Offers Special on Total Eye Rejuvenation

April 22, 2014

Thompson Facial Plastics in SLC, Utah announces a new special on combination eye procedures to rejuvenate the eye area. There are two options for patients in need of surgical and non-surgical rejuvenation, both with complimentary procedures and products for maximum results. The eyes are the most captivating facial feature and in most cases, the first…

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Top 5 Skincare Mistakes

April 18, 2014

  Okay, by now we should all know it’s a big  no-no to go to bed without washing your makeup off. That’s a pretty obvious one that’s been drilled into our heads by all skincare professionals. But, that is only one of many common bad habits that can cause serious skin problems. So here they…

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Are Selfies Fueling Plastic Surgery?

March 28, 2014

Social media may be driving more people toward plastic surgery. The number of people getting plastic surgery is on the rise, according to a survey conducted by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Doctors reported seeing a 20 percent rise in nose surgery from 2012 to 2013, a 7 percent rise in…

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Cosmetic Surgery Rises in Popularity

March 16, 2014

Cosmetic surgeries have increased in popularity in recent years. Among the most popular procedures are lipoplasty, eyelid surgery, breast implants, nose jobs, facelifts, and Botox injections. Lipoplasty, or body sculpting, involves removing pockets of fat that you don’t want. The surgeon vacuums out the fat through a small cut in the flesh. This procedure costs…

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The Best At-Home Tips For Healthy Facial Skin

February 28, 2014

Are you afraid that your face shows that age is catching up with you? You don’t have to stand by helplessly as wrinkles spread across your once-smooth skin. Here’s a simple list of things you can do to help keep the wrinkles away. Among the most important things you can do to have healthy skin…

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Plastic Surgery and Men

February 24, 2014

Plastic surgery isn’t simply the domain of women. More and more men are going under the knife or otherwise taking cosmetic measures to make themselves look younger and better looking. According to research from the University of Texas, good-looking people get hired faster, get promoted earlier, and earn 3 to 4 percent more than below-average…

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