In-Office Mini Facelift from Utah Facial Plastics on Fresh Living

August 19, 2017

Dr. Henstrom discusses the benefits of an in-office mini facelift from Utah Facial Plastics on Fresh Living with Kari Hawker-Diaz and Chef Bryan Woolley. Kari: Chef Bryan and I absolutely love Utah Facial Plastics and are so excited to have them here today. Chef Bryan: Dr. Douglas Henstrom is here with us. He is a…

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Important Hair Loss Facts from Utah Hair MD

August 18, 2017

Hair loss is a common concern we see many men and women for and can be very difficult to face. August is National Hair Loss Awareness month and we’re highlighting some important hair loss facts and myths to be aware of. 1) Beware of Marketing Gimmicks With over 50% of men over the age of…

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Hydrafacial for Beautiful Skin from Utah Facial Plastics

August 11, 2017

It’s important to take care of the largest organ of the entire body….your skin. Overtime, the skin loses elasticity, hydration, develops age spots and fine lines and wrinkles. While this is true for everyone, taking care of your skin can prevent and repair many of these signs of aging, which can greatly rejuvenate ones appearance….

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How is a Beard Transplant Performed?

August 11, 2017

Full, thick beards are very popular and desirable at this day in age and luckily, for those not blessed with full facial hair that would like to have a full beard, facial hair can be transplanted from the back of the head and the success rate is high. So how is a beard transplant performed? There…

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Rhinoplasty Facts from Utah Facial Plastics

August 11, 2017

With the nose as the center feature of the face, rhinoplasty surgery can really make a difference in ones appearance and overall self-esteem. Often times, subtle changes can make a big impact while still looking completely natural and not “surgical”. Common requests include taking down a dorsal bump, lifting the nasal tip, narrowing the base,…

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MACS Facelift Patient Review from Utah Facial Plastics

August 6, 2017

Both Dr. Thompson and Dr. Henstrom of Utah Facial Plastics perform facelift and MACSlift (mini facelift) procedures often with great results. MACSlift procedures are done in-office under local anesthetic and involve less incisions than a traditional facelift. The recovery time is shorter as well at about 2 weeks on average. Pain is minimal but there…

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Best Botox Blog Winner from Feedspot

August 5, 2017

Utah Facial Plastics receives Top 40 Best Botox Blogs on the Planet honor from Feedspot! We’re excited to rank number 12 on their list based on the following criteria: Google reputation and Google search rating Influence and popularity on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites Quality and consistency of posts Feedspots editorial team and…

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Professional Chemical Peels vs At-Home Chemical Peels

August 4, 2017

Clear skin and a glowing complexion are two of the top priorities when it comes to beauty.  Sun damage and change is season can lead to dull skin and manual exfoliants sometimes won’t do the trick. Chemical Peels are the next best step for treatment with quicker results and less downtime.  So how do you…

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Aging Isn’t a Facial Problem

July 30, 2017

So much of the time, discussion about age revolves around issues that develop somewhere on the face. Sure, crow’s feet or frown lines are good at revealing the secret of your age. Skin laxity, sun spots, and deflated lips have also received a lot of attention. In fact, the treatments that tend to show up…

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