Benefits of Otoplasty Surgery on Good Things Utah

July 26, 2016

Utah’s Top Facial Plastic Surgeon Discusses The Benefits of Otoplasty Surgery on Good Things Utah with Nicea DeGering. “Dr. Scott Thompson joining us now from Utah Facial Plastics. This is my favorite plastic surgeon. I only trust my face to Dr. Thompson. And a lot of people trusting, including kids, their ears to you. There’s…

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Cosmetic Infidelity: Getting Cosmetic Procedures in Secret

July 20, 2016

When we hear the word ‘infidelity’ our minds don’t typically jump to cosmetic surgery. According to several doctors across the country, many are opting to keep their cosmetic procedures a secret from their spouse. With the percentage of youth-enhancing procedures on the rise, more women and men want to have these treatments done without anyone’s knowledge. CBS news…

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Utah Facelift Surgeon Weighs In On Silhouette Thread Lift

July 19, 2016

Dr. Scott Thompson of Utah Facial Plastics is a leading Utah facelift surgeon, performing 2-3 facelift procedures each week on average. Patients love their natural result and great care that is given by Dr. Thompson and staff. Due to his reputation as a top facelift surgeon, he was recently contacted by Cosmetic Surgery Times to…

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Laser Hair Removal in Utah

July 7, 2016

Laser hair removal in Utah is in high demand and continues grow in popularity. It is great for removing hair from the face, arms, underarms, legs, bikini and other areas. Shaving, waxing and tweezing get old and it’s just not enough anymore! Why go to the efforts when laser hair removal is affordable and the results are long-lasting….

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6 Things You Should Know Before Getting Botox on Good Things Utah

July 2, 2016

Nurse Injectors from Utah Facial Plastics Discuss 6 Things You Should Know Before Getting Botox on Good Things Utah Nicea: We’re back with Alfie and Beth from Utah Facial Plastics. Usually we have Dr. T here but these are the girls that make it all happen. We’re talking Botox today. If you’ve been looking in…

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It’s Botox® Time!

June 30, 2016

It’s summer and you are all about being outside in the sunny Utah sun. Hopefully, you have slathered on your sunscreen…but in addition to that protection, you may want a less stressed look, and desire to get rid of the fine lines and wrinkles around your mouth, eyes and on your forehead. There’s a safe…

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Popular Treatments for Hair Restoration with Utah Hair MD

June 4, 2016

Popular Treatments for Hair Restoration with Utah Hair MD What treatments are available for hair restoration? We have everything from prescription medications that reduce the rate of hair loss, or even in some cases, help hair to come back, to surgical techniques. The main stay of pharmacological therapy is finasteride, commonly known as Propecia, and…

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Don’t Let Summer = Skin Cancer

May 30, 2016

Think about this: skin cancer is, for the most part, a lifestyle disease, and simply put, a lifestyle disease is a disease associated with the way a person lives. May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month. Read on to find out about the most frequently occurring form of cancer and take the first step in your…

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