Mini Facelift in Utah with Utah’s Top Plastic Surgeon on Good Things Utah

October 1, 2014

There’s an in-office mini facelift in Utah gaining much popularity due to its quicker recovery time, smaller scars and lower fees. Utah’s Top Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Scott Thompson, the only doctor in the state currently to use this particular technique tells us more about it. How is the MACSlift different from other facial procedures? In…

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3 Cosmetic Procedures You Should Never Get Done at a Medical Spa

September 30, 2014

Last week, Dr. Mehmet Oz discussed the dangers of walk-in cosmetic procedures done a medical spas on an episode of the Dr. Oz Show. It’s such an important topic as consumers are often unaware of the dangers and determine where to go based on price alone. This can often end up costing you more money in the long…

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6 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Seeing A Plastic Surgeon in Utah

September 27, 2014

  Millions of people are opting for plastic or cosmetic surgery and the numbers increase each year. While plastic surgery offers a lot of benefits, it’s important to first ask yourself these questions to make sure you are making a good decision that is right for you.   1) Do the positive advantages exceed the possible…

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How Long Does A Facelift Last?

September 24, 2014

Many patients want to know exactly how long does a facelift last? It’s an important question to ask and comes with somewhat of a lengthy answer. A facelift can take 10-15 years off of a person’s appearance and feels like a fresh start in many ways. Once surgery has been performed and the SMAS layer, deep…

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Ear Pinning is A Simple Outpatient Procedure

September 22, 2014

Big ears are not funny, at least not to many people born with them. In fact, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported that nearly 40,000 teens in 2001 had Otoplasty surgery to reduce the prominence of their ears. There are exceptions, but children and teens with prominent ears are often teased and ridiculed by…

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Six Surprising Facts About A Facelift in Utah

September 19, 2014

We are often bombarded with advertisements for facelifts in a cream, serum, or quick hour on your lunch break. Have you ever wondered what actually works? Have you had a promising facelift procedure that didn’t actually produce the results you were hoping for? With the high rate of facelift surgeries Dr. Thompson performs, we’ve seen…

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Otoplasty in Utah on The Younger You with Troy Thompson

September 18, 2014

Are you concerned about your ears? Do you keep your hair long so that it always covers them? Well tonight, I’m going to show you all about the ear pinning procedure known as Otoplasty…here, on The Younger You. Welcome to The Younger You with Troy Thompson. Today we’re talking all about a procedure which is…

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SLC, Utah Plastic Surgeon Helps Families in Need of Ear Surgery for Congenital Deformities

September 15, 2014

SLC, Utah Plastic Surgeon, Scott Thompson was featured in a Made 4 Utah segment on 9/12/14. You may know Dr. Scott K. Thompson for his surgical work across the valley. He has been specializing in plastic and reconstructive surgery for over ten years. But in addition to the work inside his Utahoffices, he travels the world…

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Where To Get Botox in SLC, Utah

September 10, 2014

Wondering where to get Botox in SLC, Utah? Keep in mind that the success of botox and dermal filler treatments does differ and largely depends on the injector performing the treatments. Many people don’t realize how treatments can differ depending on how the Botox is mixed and of course, injected, and often make their decision based…

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