Otoplasty in Utah on The Younger You with Troy Thompson

September 18, 2014

Are you concerned about your ears? Do you keep your hair long so that it always covers them? Well tonight, I’m going to show you all about the ear pinning procedure known as Otoplasty…here, on The Younger You. Welcome to The Younger You with Troy Thompson. Today we’re talking all about a procedure which is…

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SLC, Utah Plastic Surgeon Helps Families in Need of Ear Surgery for Congenital Deformities

September 15, 2014

SLC, Utah Plastic Surgeon, Scott Thompson was featured in a Made 4 Utah segment on 9/12/14. You may know Dr. Scott K. Thompson for his surgical work across the valley. He has been specializing in plastic and reconstructive surgery for over ten years. But in addition to the work inside his Utahoffices, he travels the world…

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Where To Get Botox in SLC, Utah

September 10, 2014

Wondering where to get Botox in SLC, Utah? Keep in mind that the success of botox and dermal filler treatments does differ and largely depends on the injector performing the treatments. Many people don’t realize how treatments can differ depending on how the Botox is mixed and of course, injected, and often make their decision based…

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Top Facelift Surgeon in Utah Upgrades Website to New Responsive Design

September 8, 2014

(Press Release – 9/8/14) Dr. Scott K. Thompson of Utah Facial Plastics recently teamed up with Fluid Advertising to Provide Patients with a New and Improved Responsive Website with an Updated Before and After Photo Gallery. SLC, UT; Facelift plastic surgeon Dr. Scott Thompson recently launched a responsive website that was designed to improve the…

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Treatment For Aging Hands – The Radiesse “Hand Lift”

September 4, 2014

Yes, you heard that right…we’re talking about “Hand Lifts”, otherwise known has hand rejuvenation or hand enhancement. It only makes sense as hands are one of the first places where the telltale signs of aging become apparent. Even if you’ve taken steps to keep your face and neck skin looking young and healthy, sun-damaged, wrinkled…

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Don’t Let Your Ears Distract – Otoplasty On Good Things Utah

August 28, 2014

Are your ears a little too prominent? Is there a solution to this problem other than hiding your ears with your hair? Dr. Scott Thompson and Troy sat down Thursday to talk about options for people who are not happy with their ears. Troy: Tell everyone what we’re talking about tonight. Dr. Thompson: Tonight we’re…

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How Does A Non-Surgical Facelift Work?

August 28, 2014

To be clear, a non-surgical facelift does not replace a surgical facelift and certainly does not provide the same results. But for the right patient, major facial rejuvenation can be achieved in one quick visit with little no downtime. That is the beauty of non-surgical injectables and procedures and why they have become increasingly popular…

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