Don’t Let Your Ears Distract – Otoplasty On Good Things Utah

August 28, 2014

Are your ears a little too prominent? Is there a solution to this problem other than hiding your ears with your hair? Dr. Scott Thompson and Troy sat down Thursday to talk about options for people who are not happy with their ears. Troy: Tell everyone what we’re talking about tonight. Dr. Thompson: Tonight we’re…

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How Does A Non-Surgical Facelift Work?

August 28, 2014

To be clear, a non-surgical facelift does not replace a surgical facelift and certainly does not provide the same results. But for the right patient, major facial rejuvenation can be achieved in one quick visit with little no downtime. That is the beauty of non-surgical injectables and procedures and why they have become increasingly popular…

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What Is The Difference Between A Board Certififed Facial Plastic Surgeon and A Board Certified Facial Cosmetic Surgeon

August 25, 2014

All of our staff at Thompson Facial Plastics get asked this question often and it’s really an important one to clarify. It can be confusing when searching for a qualified surgeon and see that some are “cosmetic surgeons” and some of “plastic surgeon” and many think they are the same thing.  But that is definitely not…

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16 things I Wish I Knew Before Getting A Facelift

August 21, 2014

  At Thompson Facial Plastics, we see a lot of patients for facelift surgery and strive to set expectations and prepare patients for all they need to know pre and post surgery. We’ve also compiled some direct advice found on from people all over the country that have had facelift surgery and offer some…

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ABC4Utah Highlights Dr. Thompson’s Extensive Experience with Ear Pinning Surgery (Otoplasty) in Utah

August 19, 2014

(PRLEAP.COM) On August 28th, 2014, The Younger You with Troy Thompson will air a full episode featuring the stories of two young patients of Thompson Facial Plastics who underwent ear pinning surgery (otoplasty) by Dr. Thompson in Utah. They will be discussing why they wanted to have this procedure done, what they experienced with the…

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Can Exercise Reverse Aging?

August 11, 2014

We know exercise is good in many ways but can exercise reverse aging? The answer to this question is yes, as determined by a 2014 study done by the researchers at McMaster University in Ontario. Study results showed that exercise does not only keep skin younger, but may also reverse skin aging for many people….

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If you could get any free cosmetic procedure in Utah, what would it be?

August 8, 2014

The Gloss is currently running a poll asking women “If You Could Get Any Cosmetic Procedure, What Would It Be? They start by making one thing clear: the poll is not meant to encourage negative thinking about oneself. But we all know it’s fun to try new hair colors, maybe extensions, new lipstick, etc. From…

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Dermapen VS CO2 Laser

August 6, 2014

Many patients ask about Dermapen vs CO2 laser treatments and wonder which to choose. It’s best to come in for a free consultation to see what all of your options are and get recommendations based on your specific needs and goals but we will highlight some information on each treatment here to help you make…

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