Chin Augmentation

What is chin augmentation?

Underlying skeletal structure, including a strong jaw line, contributes greatly to overall facial harmony and aesthetic balance. A receding chin can make a well proportioned nose seem overly large and can also blur the distinction between chin and neck. When a receding chin results from dental malocclusion, consultation with an oral surgeon may be necessary. However, generally speaking, a weak chin can be effectively and relatively simply augmented with an implant intended to give better definition to the chin and jaw line.

Chin implants come in various sizes and shapes individually suited to each patient’s unique situation. For example, some are designed to be used as an adjunct to facelift surgery in order to achieve optimal correction of jowling. Others are recommended concurrently with rhinoplasty with the goal of achieving improved balance between the nose and face. Still others are placed in combination with submental liposuction to improve chin / neck distinction. During the consultation, these relationships will be discussed, and Utah Facial Plastics surgeons will make a recommendation based on these factors and each patient’s individual concerns and desires.

What issues with your lower face can chin augmentation change?

Most people assume chin augmentation is all about your profile, and it is true that your chin works to balance your lower face with your forehead and nose. A small chin can make your nose look large. A short chin, when viewed from the front, can make your face look top heavy. We don’t think of it that way, but our chin also plays a critical role in setting up the balance between our face and neck. A stronger, more defined chin is considered attractive in both sexes. As mentioned above, a recessed chin can also create a double chin, and chin augmentation removes that.

Chin Augmentation Before & After Photos

Chin Augmentation by Dr. Henstrom
Chin Augmentation by Dr. Thompson

Chin Augmentation FAQ

While we can’t all have a chin like Hollywood icons such as Kirk Douglas or Halle Berry, we all deserve a face with even proportions. By most standards, this includes a strong chin. At Utah Facial Plastics, our chin augmentation patients often talk of the increased sense of confidence they feel after these procedures.

The benefits vary with the person, but if you’ve never liked what you perceive to be a weak chin, this can change the way you see your overall face. Chin implants simply enhance your natural features, and they do so in a really subtle way.

“I love the staff and doctors at Utah Facial plastics! Very clean and sanitary and they never try to up sell you to a treatment that you don’t need! You can rely on their opinions and recommendations to be honest!”- D.A.

Chin augmentation is performed in the operating room under deep sedation, often in combination with other procedures. A small incision is made below the chin hidden in the natural crease termed “submental crease.”

A deep pocket is created and an appropriately sized and shaped implant is placed. The composition of the implants varies to some degree, but most often, a silastic implant is placed. Silastic is an inert, firm, rubber-like substance that has been used safely in various procedures for many decades. Infection and implant rejection can occur but are rare. Meticulous suturing improves healing and minimizes scarring.

  • Improves facial harmony and aesthetic balance
  • Improves jawline contour and definition
  • Improves face / neck contrast
  • Ability to customize to each patient’s individual situation
  • Safely performed in combination with almost any other facial plastic procedure

Following surgery, chin tapes are placed and remain for 5 days, at which time sutures are also removed. Pain is generally minimal, but temporary numbness over the incision occurs in most patients. Light activity is permitted immediately following surgery, and all activities can be resumed at 3 weeks.

“Such a gentle, kind staff and wonderful doctor. 5 star experience every time I’ve gone in. LOVE my results!!”- A.S.

Chin augmentation with Utah Facial Plastic experienced facial plastic surgeons can change and create symmetry to proportions of your entire face. We often overlook our chin, focusing instead on our nose, eyes, even our lips. But our chin is key to not only the jawline and the strength of our lower face, but it works to balance our nose and forehead as well. These procedures are very satisfying for our patients.

These are permanent changes. Once placed, your chin implant or implants will not move; they will remain in place, strengthening your chin for the rest of your life.

With chin augmentation, there can be a chance of blood pooling, fluid build-up, nerve damage that may cause numbness, skin discoloration, shifting of implants, and asymmetry in the treated site. Also, there is a risk for dissatisfaction with the final outcomes. These can be addressed with revision surgery, if necessary.

UFP surgeons are double board-certified facial plastic surgeons with extensive knowledge of facial anatomy, the finest training, and extensive experience with these procedures. All you have to do is look through our chin augmentation gallery to see the subtle, yet dramatic changes these procedures make for our patients. They are low risk, but high satisfaction.

“Utah Facial Plastics sets the standard. Their work is phenomenal, they are professional, and their customer service is remarkable. They are truly the best.”- M.S.

While initial swelling will mask your new chin to a degree, your results should be fully noticeable within three to four weeks after chin augmentation surgery. From there, you’ll enjoy your stronger, more defined chin for the rest of your life.

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