Chin Augmentation

What is chin augmentation?

Underlying skeletal structure, including a strong jaw line, contributes greatly to overall facial harmony and aesthetic balance. A receding chin can make a well proportioned nose seem overly large and can also blur the distinction between chin and neck. When a receding chin results from dental malocclusion, consultation with an oral surgeon may be necessary. However, generally speaking, a weak chin can be effectively and relatively simply augmented with an implant intended to give better definition to the chin and jaw line.

Chin implants come in various sizes and shapes individually suited to each patient’s unique situation. For example, some are designed to be used as an adjunct to facelift surgery in order to achieve optimal correction of jowling. Others are recommended concurrently with rhinoplasty with the goal of achieving improved balance between the nose and face. Still others are placed in combination with submental liposuction to improve chin / neck distinction. During the consultation, these relationships will be discussed, and Utah Facial Plastics surgeons will make a recommendation based on these factors and each patient’s individual concerns and desires.

What issues with your lower face can chin implants change?

Most people assume chin augmentation is all about your profile, and it is true that your chin works to balance your lower face with your forehead and nose. A small chin can make your nose look large. A short chin, when viewed from the front, can make your face look top heavy. We don’t think of it that way, but our chin also plays a critical role in setting up the balance between our face and neck. A stronger, more defined chin is considered attractive in both sexes. As mentioned above, a recessed chin can also create a double chin, and chin augmentation removes that.

Chin Augmentation Before & After Photos

Chin Augmentation by Dr. Henstrom
Chin Augmentation by Dr. Thompson


There are pros and cons to both chin implant or chin filler. It is best to have an in depth consultation to discuss your concerns, goals, and what each treatment entails.

Chin implants are a more stable treatment, they are meant to be more of a permanent option, but they can be removed. They create more structure and definition. 

Chin filler is used to add volume and structure, and is most commonly done with a hyaluronic acid filler. These types of fillers do break down over time, so the treatment will need to be repeated over time. On average chin filler lasts up to 9 months or longer. 

In Utah, most standard chin augmentation procedures cost anywhere from $3000 to $6000. This may or may not include other fees such as anesthesia or facility fees.

Although cost is important, it is much more important to do your research on the physician and facility who will be doing your procedure. UFP surgeons are double board-certified ENT and Facial Plastics, having specialized experience in procedures of the face and neck. This type of training and expertise will improve your overall experience and lessens the chance of complications. Visit on of our experts for a chin implant consultation to discuss your goals and an individualized quote will be given to you at that time.

Chin implant surgery can be done in the office or operating room. We often do chin implants alone under local anesthesia in the office, it truly depends on the individual. 

Prior to your procedure, a chin implant style and size will be discussed between you and your surgeon. After anesthesia is administered, the surgeon will create an incision under the chin area and create a space for the chin implant to be placed. The surgeon will then use sterile "sizers" to confirm the suggested implant style and size before placing the actual chin implant. Once the chin implant is sutured into place, the underlying tissues and incision are sutured back together.

A post care bandage is placed on the incision and the sutures are then removed in 5-7 days. Swelling, bruising, and tenderness may occur and it can take several weeks or months for numbness and normal feelings to return in this area.  You will visit your surgeon for a series of follow up appointments to monitor healing. 

If a patient opts for a chin implant made from silicone, they should expect their procedure to last a lifetime. With that being said, there are always risks of complications like displacement or the patient not being satisfied with the changed look. Fortunately the chin implant can be removed if desired. 

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Be sure to give us a call at 801.776.2220 if you wish to learn more about chin implant surgery, or if you wish to determine whether you are a candidate for the procedure. You can also fill out our consultation request form, and our staff will help you set up an appointment with our experienced facial plastic surgeons. Our practice has two offices in the Salt Lake City area, in Draper and Layton respectively.

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