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What is a Temporal Lift?

For patients with early signs of midfacial and brow ptosis or sagging, a full endoscopic forehead and midface lift may not be necessary. For such patients, a moderate degree of lateral brow and midface elevation can be achieved with the temporal lift. To use popular jargon, the temporal lift could be aptly renamed “mini mid-face lift.” As with the forehead and midface lift, because a camera is used during the surgery, the incisions are small and hidden within the hair. Recovery is on the order of 7-10 days. Because of the many options available, navigating this decision process can be difficult. During the consultation, Drs. Thompson or Hedstrom will perform a comprehensive analysis, and with the input of each patient, an appropriate recommendation will be made. Please visit the endoscopic forehead lift and mid-face lift pages to learn more about the surgical approach and treatable areas for these procedures.

What are the benefits of a temporal lift?

These limited procedures have various benefits without the more involved recovery that comes with a brow lift or a midface lift. At Utah Facial Plastics, Drs. Thompson or Henstrom perform temporal lifts to provide these benefits for our patients:

  • A refreshed, vibrant, and aesthetically appealing rejuvenation
  • Elevation of the lateral brows and the midface area
  • Minimal downtime
  • Limited incisions make for easier recovery with little risk of issues such as problems with hair loss or visible scarring
  • Can easily be combined with eyelid surgery for more rejuvenation of the area around and above the eyes

Who is a good candidate for a temporal lift?

This is a great procedure for patients who are showing some early sagging across their brows and the mid-face area. The upper eyelids likely have some sagging, but not to the degree where the patient seeks blepharoplasty to tighten the eyelids. A full brow lift is not necessary at this point either.

A temporal lift is somewhere in the middle of these other procedures, lifting the lateral brows and the midface. This is a hybrid procedure, somewhere between a full brow lift and a midface lift. 

How is a Temporal Lift performed?

The mid-facelift is performed under deep sedation, often in combination with a forehead lift since the incisions are the same. This procedure is performed endoscopically (with assistance of a camera), and the incisions are completely hidden behind the hairline. The mid-facial soft tissue is released from underlying attachments and restored to a more youthful position using dissolvable stitches.

  • Moderate improvement of brow and midfacial agin
  • Endoscopic approach allows excellent results with smaller incisions hidden behind the hairline
  • Offers more permanent correction than injectables or the “thread-lift” can provide
  • Indicated for individuals in their 40s – 50s and older
  • Safe and effective

What should I expect with recovery from a Temporal Lift?

Upon completion of the procedure, facial dressings are applied to prevent excessive swelling and bruising. These are removed the following day. Patients are closely followed and sutures are removed in approximately 7 days. We recommend only light activity for the first week to ten days following surgery. Most patients are able return to work 7-10 days following surgery with makeup easily covering any residual bruising.

What will my scarring be like from a temporal lift?

One of the things our patients love about a temporal lift is the minimal incisions involved. Incisions are made on each side, just above the temple. But they are only about one inch long and we work hard to hide them effectively within the hairline. Visible scarring is not much of an issue with these procedures. 

How long can I expect my results from a temporal lift to last?

Your results from your temporal lift should last anywhere from 7 to 10 years. The changes made by Drs. Thompson or Henstrom are permanent, meaning you’ll never have the same degree of sagging in the brows and upper eyelids. However, the march of time will, obviously, continue. You’ll have loosening of the skin and underlying musculature, but it will start from a more elevated position than if you didn’t have this procedure. 

What are the risks involved with a temporal lift?

We perform these surgeries using endoscopic methods, so there isn’t the degree of tissue trauma that can be seen with full brow lifts and other similar procedures. Still, these are surgeries, so they entail the same risks as with any surgery: excessive bleeding, infection, reaction to anesthesia, and the like. But, thanks to the more limited invasiveness, combined with the expertise of our double board-certified surgeons, these are low-risk procedures. 

What should I expect at my consultation for a temporal lift?

With all of our surgical consultations at Utah Facial Plastics, Drs. Thompson and Hedstrom seek to create a free flow of information with the patient. Any questions are encouraged throughout the meeting. There are different options for these surgeries, so the goal of the consultation is to match the possible methods available with the unique facial aging the patient is experiencing. During these consultations, the patient opens by describing what they don’t like about the aging they are seeing around the brows and upper eyelids. They detail what they’d like to accomplish with this procedure. 

Then it’s our turn. We’ll examine the unique sagging and descension going on with the patient’s brow area. This examination will guide the method we’ll use. We’ll discuss your options, and then we’ll move on to a full description of what we think is the best approach. We’ll describe the surgery in detail. In most cases, we’ll include some before and after photos from other patients who have had similar sagging. We’ll go through what you can expect for your recovery, along with what you can expect with your final results. We’ll address the risks involved. 

When your consultation is complete, whether you choose to move forward with your surgery or not, you should be well-versed in what a temporal lift is. 

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Undergoing a full facelift or MACSlift (mini facelift) is a process and one that is much more comfortable to undergo with the help of others who have gone through it before. Most patients initially have questions about scarring, recovery downtime, pain level, safety and results. Utah Facial Plastics offers a group of Facelift Friends who are here to help you through the process if you wish.

Our Facelift Friends program was developed by a group of facelift patients who felt it would have been nice to have others to speak and meet with who had been through surgery before. As helpful and knowledgeable as the UFP staff members are, most have not undergone facelift surgery. By combining their experience with multiple patients who have had surgery, you can rest assured you’re receiving the best support network available. They are here to meet beforehand or give you a call to answer all your questions from a personal experience.

Talk with one of our patient care coordinators to get more information on facelift or MACSlift procedures and connect with Facelift Friends.

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