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We offer jawline dermal filler treatments in the Salt Lake City, UT area. Enhancement of one's side profile has been one of the most desired looks by many.  The key to an esthetically pleasing profile is a more contoured and defined jawline. Some individuals naturally have a weakened contour or it may begin to soften with age. Whatever the cause may be, there is a way to non-surgically enhance this feature with the use of injectable fillers.  Dermal fillers such as Volux, Voluma, and Restylane Defyne are a great non-surgical option to sculpt, contour, and re-shape the jawline and chin area.

This treatment is popular amongst men and women alike. Where most women prefer a slimmer, heart shaped jawline, men are seeking out a stronger, chiseled, square jawline. Ideally good jawline definition is a symbol of youth, strength, confidence and beauty.

UFP Aesthetics nurse injectors are educated and highly trained at administering cosmetic injectable treatments like fillers and Botox, providing services in both Layton and Draper, UT offices. We are committed to listening to your concerns and goals, making appropriate recommendations, while providing safe and effective treatments.


  • Someone who lacks definition in their jawline
  • Someone who may want to correct assymetry or improve the appearance of a recessed or weak chin
  • Someone with none to mild skin laxity in the jawline and chin area
  • Someone who is in good health and no medical conditions that would contraindicate the use of dermal fillers



If filler has been deemed right for you following your consultation, you will begin treatment with your injector.  At your injectable visit, UFP provides anesthetics to help lessen discomfort on the injections. We offer topical numbing cream, local injections, and Pronox. Most patients find these treatments very tolerable. 

With any injectable, there are symptoms and risks of bleeding, bruising, swelling, and redness at the injection sites. These symptoms can be short lived or last up to a week or so. Everyone responds differently and should be prepared. Bruising can be camoflauged with make-up as needed. The results of filler are instant, but it is important to allow a 2 week period for things to settle. 

Your injector will come up with a personal plan for you and they may require multiple syringes and visits. 

Not always. If you are someone who desires to have a more chiseled look to your jawline or chin this can be a great option. It can help to sharpen the jawline, soften the appearance of early jowling, and enhance a weak chin.

If you are someone with moderately lax skin or excess fat around or under the chin, jawline filler may not be the best option for you. It may not be able to achieve the look you are going for or could end up being very expensive. You may want to consider surgical options like submental liposuction, deep neck contouring, or a MACS (mini facelift.) In the ends they will provide more correction for these concerns.

UFP Aesthetics uses hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers, primarily of a thicker compound that is indicated to inject deeper into the skin for more defined structure. On average dermal fillers last 6-12 months on average.  Your body naturally breaks it down over time and it is recommended to return to have touch ups as needed.

Because fillers like Volux, Voluma, and Restylane Defyne are thicker, injected deeper, and may require more than one syringe, it is being reported more often to lasting longer than the average duration. 

Currently in 2023, a 1ml syringe of jaw, chin, or cheek filler costs $850 per syringe.  Your injector will exam the area(s) of treatment and determine with you how much is needed for enhancement or correction. 

UFP Aesthetics offers monthly specials that may correlate with your desired treatment. Otherwise we offer some amazing membership plans where you can save up to $150 on each syringe and other esthetics discounts each time you visit UFP.

The risks and effects of filler are consistent regardless of the area. Bruising, swelling, bleeding, redness and undesirable results are some of the main risks. Other rare but risks that can occur are nodules, infection, and skin necrosis which is caused by injecting the filler into a vessel. This is why it is important that you visit with a qualified and experienced injector the lessen these risks from occurring. 

Hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers break down naturally over time, and when doing so your skin and tissues will return to a normal stage. Fillers assist in helping to build our own collagen and elastin as well. 

The only time adverse effects or stretching could occur is when the area is grossly over injected. This should not happen when done by a thoughtful and experienced injector. If you do not like the appearance of HA fillers, they can be dissolved by a substance called hyaluronidase and your features will return back to their natural state. 

Utah Facial Plastics has been in business for 26 years and is highly reputable. We have 3 double-board certified facial plastic surgeons leading our team of highly trained and qualified injectors and skin specialists who have followed the direction of our surgeons. 

We aim to treat you with kindness, discuss your desires and concerns and are committed to help you make a sound decision in regards to you facial rejuvenation goals. Efficacy and safety are at the forefront of the procedures and treatments we provide. 


Are you ready to discuss your jawline dermal fillers and your overall facial rejuvenation goals? Call 801.960.3137 or schedule a consultation with UFP Aesthetics to learn more about jawline filler and other treatments that might be right for you. We have offices in Draper and Layton, UT near Salt Lake City and other surrounding cities.

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