SkinTyte Non-Surgical Treatment for Sagging Skin & Creping

Improve The Appearance of Skin Laxity With SkinTyte Treatment

This treatment is offered at UFP Draper location.

SkinTyte -Broadband Light (BBL)

As we age so does our skin, but that doesn't mean we have to accept it. Saggy, loose skin can be a concern for many and fortunately we have a device just for that. SkinTyte is another revolutionary and cost-effective laser treatment UFP Aesthetics has available to address loss of elasticity and firmness in the skin. As we age we lose volume, gravity takes place and skin tissues begin to pull downward, especially in the jawline and neck areas.

WHAT IS SKINTYTE AND How Much Does it Cost?

SkinTyte uses infrared light technology to improve the strength of skin. It will stimulate collagen and elastin, generating new cells to maintain the strength and stability of skin.

BBL is the most advanced IPL device on the market, setting the new standard, treating sun damage and signs of aging.

Sciton, an established leader in medical skin treatment devices, has created a way for the infrared energy to be delivered without interfering or damaging surrounding tissues. Skintyte provides rapid heating followed by an instant cooling mechanism, for a tolerable and no downtime treatment.

SkinTyte Cost

Currently SkinTyte is $500 per area. We are able to treat areas including: Face, Neck, Chest, Arms, Above The Knees, and Abdomen.  Hands and Eyelids are $350 per area.


What Does SkinTyte Do?

SkinTyte is great non-surgical treatment option for anyone who is noticing earlier to moderate signs of skin creping, laxity, and sagging. It is able to help restore firmness, definition, and contour to areas such as the face, neck, chest, arms and abdomen.

SkinTyte can help delay or eliminate the needs for more aggressive treatments or surgery down the road if done in maintenance. Moderate to severe skin sagging will likely be better addressed through surgery such as a MACSlift, Deep Neck Contouring, or Facelift once it has reached that stage, but Skintyte may be an option to make subtle improvements to the laxity of your skin.

What does this Non-Surgical Treatment Option for Sagging or Creping Skin Provide?

SkinTyte is best done in 3-5 treatments and provides:

  • Improvement to skin laxity
  • Improvement to overall texture and health of the skin
  • Treatment in 30 minutes or less
  • Little to no downtime
  • Easy post care
  • Combination treatments such as BBL(Broad Band Light) and Moxi to improve tone and superficial texture.

skintyte FAQ's

Mild discomfort may be associated with this treatment, but UFP uses a topical numbing cream to help lesson any pains that an individual may experience with SkinTyte making the treatment very tolerable. Topical numbing may be applied 30-60 minutes prior to treatment.

There may be mild redness and swelling after the treatment, but SPF and makeup may be applied soon after a SkinTyte treatment. For optimal results, a series of 3-5 treatments is best spaced 1 month apart. Dermal remodeling will take place over the next 3-6 months. Because each patients skin and severity of concern is different, the number of treatments may vary. Your provider may recommend maintenance treatments which is optional. Skin Care is like exercise and requires maintenance to stay in shape.

SkinTyte will help texture overall, but it primarily treats the deeper tissues for an overall improvement to firmness and tightening of the skin.  

Superficial texture concerns like larger pore size, fine lines, and acne scarring are best addressed with treatments such as collagen inductions therapy, Moxi, or other laser resurfacing treatments we offer at UFP Aesthetics. We often perform STAX treatments, which is a combination of treatments, such as Moxi and SkinTyte together for overall superficial and deeper skin improvement. 

On average there is minimal if no downtime with SkinTyte. Recovery also depends on the severity of laxity in the skin and how aggressive we treat. This can lead to some swelling and bruising, usually lasting up to a week gradually lessening each day. Overall SkinTyte is an easy treatment to undergo and heal from. 

Currently SkinTyte is $500 per area. We are able to treat areas including: Face, Neck, Chest, Arms, Above The Knees, and Abdomen.  Hands and Eyelids are $350 per area.  UFP Aesthetics provides discounts for series, combination treatments and VIP Members. Our memberships are a great way to bank your money and save on treatments at all times. 


Whether you are trying to improve skin laxity, texture, or tone, UFP Aesthetics has something for all. Schedule a consultation with one of our experienced skin specialists for an individual exam and customized plan to address your concerns and goals. Call 801-776-2220 to visit either Layton or Draper offices near Salt Lake City, UT.

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