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Chin Augmentation: Are Implants or Filler Better?

Facial contouring is an important aspect of overall appearance. Beauty has long been characterized by symmetry across features such as the cheeks, chin, nose, and eyes. It might seem as though the chin is an easy area to overlook. However, the projection and general shape of the chin is integral to the balance between the… Read More »

5 Celebrities Open Up About Their Facial Plastic Surgery

When it comes to celebrities and plastic surgery, most remain quiet or deny having had anything done, even when obvious to others. These five celebrities open up about their facial plastic surgeries and how they felt about their decision post surgery. Jane Fonda Jane Fonda, fitness guru and incredible actress, opened up about the facial… Read More »

Under-eye Filler Special and More from Utah Facial Plastics

June is typically a busy month with Father’s Day, graduation and wedding events as well as gearing up for summer travel plans. Utah Facial Plastics has you covered with specials on popular treatments to get you event and summer ready! Ditch the Bags $50 off any under-eye filler PLUS a free eye treatment (SkinCeuticals HA… Read More »

Bridal Peel | Chemical Peel with No Downtime

Our SkinCeuticals Micropeel Sensitive chemical peel, aka the “bridal peel”, is extremely popular with our patients because there is literally no peeling or downtime. What is a Bridal Peel? As mentioned above, our “bridal peel” is the Micropeel Sensitive from SkinCeuticals. It has Niacin and Lactic Acid with a Biomedical formulation. Niacin is a form… Read More »

What is Jeuveau?

If you haven’t already heard about the new neurotoxin, Jeaveau, you likely will at some point under the hashtag #newtox on social media. Jeaveau comes from the french word “nouveau”, which mean “new” or “modern”, and just went on sale for purchase by qualified practitioners around the country this past week. Jeaveau was FDA approved… Read More »

Trends in Wedding-Related Procedures

Wedding season is here and we are sharing popular surgical and non-surgical procedures that brides often seek out to help them get ready for their big day! Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) Rhinoplasties jumped to the number one surgical trend from number 5 in 2018. Rhinoplasty surgery, commonly known as a nose job, involves refining the shape… Read More »

How Long Do Cheek Fillers Last?

Cheek augmentation or mid-face volume restoration is highly popular with all providers at Utah Facial Plastics. So how long do cheek fillers last? Depending on whether you get Restylane Lyft or Juvederm Voluma, you can expect your results to last somewhere between 12 to 24 months. It is also recommended that you have a touch-up… Read More »

Is Plastic Surgery Still Considered Taboo?

Until recent years, plastic surgery was something that was primarily associated with the rich and famous. Plastic surgery today is much more common among the general population and openly discussed with friends, family members and through social media. People are more transparent about the cosmetic treatments they are undergoing and apt to share their results… Read More »

The Benefits of Chemical Peels

  Reagan: Facials, serums, creams, peels. Oh, the great lengths we go for wonderful skin and today we are focusing on one that may sound a little bit scarier than it really is…chemical peels. Utah Esthetician, Sarah Olsen from Utah Facial Plastics, joins me now to dive into all the details. Good morning, Sarah. Sarah:… Read More »

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