SCITON Halo Hybrid Fractional Laser Treatment

Halo Hybrid Fractional Laser

This treatment is offered at UFP Draper Location

Utah Facial Plastics offers a variety of effective and safe treatments in Utah, and we are excited to offer Halo Fractional Laser by Sciton. The Halo laser is the first hybrid laser that targets multiple layers of skin and addresses multiple skin concerns. It has less downtime than other fractional treatments and is safe for all skin types.

What is Halo?

What makes this treatment unique is that it delivers both fractional (ablative) and non-fractional (non-ablative) wavelengths to the same area. It addressed both the epidermis and dermis in one pass.

Compared to other ablative lasers, Halo offers a less painful treatment, quicker healing recovery, and the Halo laser treatment cost is affordable.

Non-ablative laser treatments such as (BBL) Broadband Light deliver heat into the skin through thousands of tiny columns.  This process puts heat deep into the dermis to help tighten and firm the skin, stimulate collagen, and rids the skin of old damaged skin cells.

This treatment is improving both tone and texture, for an overall rejuvenating treatment.  Halo offers the best of both worlds, providing great results without the extended downtime.

What does the Halo Laser Treat?

The Halo Hybrid Fractional Laser treats a variety of mild to severe skin concerns.  Your provider will help to customize a Halo treatment that fits your concerns, needs and lifestyle. The Halo can address:

  • Discoloration
  • Sun Damage
  • Visible signs of aging
  • Uneven, dull skin tone
  • Poor texture
  • Fine Lines
  • Scar revision
  • Enlarged Pores

Combining Halo and Forever Young BBL?

The Halo laser and BBL Forever Young work differently and are used to treat different skin conditions.  If greater results are required for texture and tone improvement, these treatments are combined and called a Halo BBLiss treatment.

A consultation is recommended to discuss skin concerns. Your individual needs, including severity of skin conditions will determine the treatment path for you. UFP Aesthetic's provides single or STAX treatments for the best results.  Your provider will educate and recommend the best treatment plan for you.

How Much Does Halo Cost?

The cost for Halo fractional laser can vary but typically it costs $1950 for a full-face treatment. This can vary based on skin type, area being treated and the number of treatments needed. This includes an Alastin Invasive Procedure Enhancement system.

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What Our Patients Have To Say

"My dermatologist recommended Utah Facial Plastics and I am so glad they did. The staff and treatments are amazing. After years in the desert sun and surf, my skin had significant damage. With my wedding planned this summer I wanted a smoother look. UFP was deeply invested in personalizing the treatment for my skin and desired results. I had a combo of Halo and BBL. Dr. Katy Larson-I can not recommend her enough. She is very adept at her craft with the add of an amazing bedside manner and through care. If you are lucky enough to get on her calendar, covet that spot. Regardless, there was not one single person at Utah Facial Plastics who was not caring, accommodating and informative from the phones, front desk to the practitioners. Oh and the bonus…my skin looks so amazing it made me cry. I am definitely wedding ready." ~A.D.


If you are someone who has wrinkles, sun damage, discolored spots, acne scars or more mature signs of aging in the skin, you are a good candidate for Halo. It can also be used on various skin and body types. One treatment can provide noticeable results or multiple sessions may be needed to address advanced issues of the skin to attain better results. Patients who have had Accutane or have received chemo/radiation treatments in the last year should wait to receive a treatment.

Halo is a skin revitalizing treatment. You will see overall improvement in texture, tone, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, reduced pore size, and improvement of overall discoloration.

Halo is a hybrid laser that offers similar results to that of a CO2 fractional laser, but with less discomfort and downtime. Halo and Contour TRL are more aggressive treatments compared to the Nano LaserPeel treatment. Utah Facial Plastics offers several laser resurfacing treatments based on your skin and personal needs. It is best to consult with a provider to decide which treatment will be best for you.

For the first 24 hours you should keep an occlusive on your skin, as it will be red and swollen. The first week you should follow your providers instructions on proper home care for best healing results. After 24-72 hours you can resume normal activities based on your skin and swelling. Peeling and dryness will likely occur, and continue for a few days as it starts to reveal new skin. The skin will regenerate into the following weeks and months for improved tone, texture and firmness.

The cost for Halo fractional laser can vary but typically it costs $1950 for a full-face treatment. This can vary based on skin type, area being treated and the number of treatments needed. This includes an Alastin Invasive Procedure Enhancement system. This post procedure system includes a gentle cleanser, regenerating skin nectar, moisturizer, soothe and protect recovery balm, and a broad-spectrum sunscreen. This kit is designed to enhance results pre and post treatment, as well as making the recovery process more comfortable. You can learn more about these products at

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