MACS Facelift (Mini Facelift)

What is a MACS facelift (mini facelift)?

Many patients who consult with our surgeons are interested in facial rejuvenating options that can achieve significant and long lasting results without the risks, down time, and additional cost of anesthesia and a hospital stay. Unfortunately, many of the procedures advertised as minimally invasive (weekend lift, thread lift, lifestyle lift, etc) and minimal recovery also achieve minimal results and are often performed by individuals who have minimal training in facial surgery.

Because all surgical procedures are by definition invasive and require at least some recovery time, UFP surgeons feel strongly that a significant and long lasting result should accompany this requirement. Any facelift that doesn’t address the deeper tissues beneath the skin (also known as the SMAS) is unlikely to achieve a long lasting result. Whether the SMAS is cut and removed, sutured together or extensively undermined, great results are achievable with a well performed and correctly chosen surgery.

Benefits of Mini Facelift Surgery

Advantages of this facelift  include significant and long-lasting results due to elevation of the deeper tissues, a shorter incision and scar, quicker recovery than a traditional facelift, and no requirement for general anesthesia – resulting in lower cost for surgery.

This procedure is a great option for those who are experiencing earlier signs of jowling and lower facial sagging.



  • Shorter Scar
  • Long Lasting Mini Lift Results (lifting of the SMAS layer)
  • Less Bruising
  • Quicker Recovery
  • No General Anesthesia
  • Can correct facial laxity as it begins to happen and restore youthful facial shape
  • Lower Cost

As established facial plastic surgeons whose careers are devoted exclusively to the face, UFP surgeons have spent many years studying and perfecting the best facial rejuvenation techniques. They have extensive training as facial plastic surgeons, which differs from training and accreditation of cosmetic surgeons and full body plastic surgeons. To learn more about the differences, click HERE.

We invite you to schedule a consultation with one of our surgeons so they can discuss your concerns, evaluate your specific facial features, and develop the best individualized plan for you.

Deena From Good Things Utah Has A MACSlift

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Watch MACS Facelift In Office Procedure!

Frequently Asked Questions

Drs. Thompson, Henstrom, and Manning have researched many minimally invasive facelift options, such as the Lifestyle Lift, and prefer the MACS facelift technique. This technique has been developed and refined over several decades and is performed not just by Drs. Thompson, Henstrom, and Manning and a few other surgeons, but by hundreds of skilled and competent plastic surgeons. This means that the MACS facelift is accepted and endorsed by a huge body of plastic surgeons as an effective and safe procedure. The result of this collective experience is that the MACS facelift has been modified and improved as necessary and has proven itself as a reliable, consistent procedure with long-lasting results. Techniques that are developed and performed by only one or two surgeons by definition cannot benefit from the experience, improvements and refinements of multiple skilled plastic surgeons.

Men and women with mildly loose skin on the neck and mild to moderate jowls are typically best suited for the MACS facelift procedure. It’s important that the patient is in good to excellent health and does not smoke. Individuals with good skin elasticity and strong bone structure will have the best possibility for an excellent surgical outcome.

Utah Facial Plastic's double board certified facial plastic surgeons in Utah, have extensive experience performing facelift surgery, including his MACS facelift procedure. During your consultation, they will discuss your concerns as well as your goals and motivations for surgery. An exam and review of your current and previous health history will also take place.

They will then examine the structures of your face and neck, assess the quality of your skin tone and bone structure, and will make recommendations they feel will help you achieve your aesthetic goals. They will discuss the procedure(s) they recommend and give information on where incisions will be placed, possible risks and complications, and make any non-surgical recommendations to enhance the overall surgical outcome. These options may include dermal fillers, botox, laser treatments, and/or professional skincare, some of which may be included in your surgical package.

Your surgeon will advise you to avoid taking aspirin, ibuprofen products, Vitamin E and certain herbal medications before surgery, as these medications can cause increased bleeding and/or bruising. He will also insist that you discontinue smoking for at least one month prior to surgery to ensure proper healing, if applicable.

Your Patient Care Coordinator, will then provide you with all the financial details on any procedure discussed at your consultation and give financing options if applicable. She can also help facilitate the next step in the process and/or provide additional resources, such as before and after photos, articles, educational videos, etc.

The MACS facelift is revolutionary because general anesthesia and more extensive surgery are not necessary to achieve significant facial rejuvenation. This procedure is done in the office under local anesthetic while the patient is awake and able to converse the surgeon. The patient does have the option of taking medication with sedative properties to help them relax and feel calm.

Once the patient is thoroughly numb, liposuction of the neck and chin is performed through a tiny incision under the chin. Incisions are made in front of the ear and extend upwards inside the hairline slightly. No incisions are made behind the ear, as they are with a full facelift. A small area of skin is lifted off the cheek and the underlying SMAS (fibrous layer that sags with aging) is gathered upwards with two to three looped sutures that are firmly attached to strong tissue at the base of the temple. This helps tighten the neck, elevates the cheek to a more youthful positions, and redefines that jawline. The excess skin is then trimmed at the incision line and closed with fine sutures.

Following surgery, a wrap around dressing is applied and left overnight. Pain is usually minimal but any discomfort is lessened with prescribed medication. Bruising varies but begins to disappear as early as 1 week or can last 2-3 weeks with some individuals. Some numbness is completely normal and will reside over time. Mild puckering of the skin in front of the ears may occur in some circumstances but resolves on its own in a short amount of time.

You will be given post-operative instructions that include getting plenty of rest, avoiding strenuous activity, alcohol and sun exposure. Incisions will need to be cleaned twice a day and covered with antibiotic ointment until the sutures are removed. Your face may feel tight for a few day to a week, which is also completely normal. Patients are typically able to return to work within 1 week of surgery.

Most sutures are removed within 1 week and any remaining sutures are removed 10 days following surgery. As for scarring, conspicuous scars are generally a result of poor technique and should never be a concern with any type of facelift if the incisions are closed properly.

Expect to be extremely happy with your MACS facelift results and the youthful appearance you will regain. Patients report getting a lot of positive feedback from others who tell them they look great but are not sure what is different. They may think you changed your hairstyle or took a rejuvenating vacation. These comments are the sign of a great procedure that is not completely obvious to those around you.

Surgical amounts vary between patients but price typically starts around $12,000. That may or may not include any additional procedures your surgeon may recommend, such as a revision surgery, fat injections or eyelid surgery. It’s best to meet with a UFP surgeon in consultation where you’ll receive a quote on the procedure(s) recommended for you.

The total cost for macs facelift surgery includes all pre and post appointments and additional products designed to enhance your results and aide in the healing process. Arnica is given at the pre-operative appointment and is a homeopathic medication used to decrease bruising and swelling. Also included is a medical grade skincare kit (retail $600) to prepare the skin for surgery and resurface the skin overtime to enhance the overall result. Our surgeons feel a combination of treatments are often best for the overall result.

A mini facelift is performed in our office under a local anesthesia. It is called a MACS lift and is considered a short-scar/incision facelift. The incision is the part of the facelift incision that is in front of the ear and along the front hairline. Tissue is elevated similarly and permanent sutures are then placed in the deeper tissue to lift and suspend the face. Excess skin is then excised and the incision is closed. A mini lift like this will help along the jawline and with mild to moderate jowling but won’t accomplish as much in the neck as a full face lift. Typically a small passive drain is placed under the skin for one night and removed the next day.

MACS Facelift (Mini Facelift) Testimonial

“I wanted to look like myself, just a little bit fresher, & that’s exactly what I got with a MACSlift. It was well worth it. Dr. Thompson explained everything to me & my husband. Dr. Thompson was very honest with both of us & spent a lot of time with me explaining the procedure. I like that it was in the office & downtime was minimal. Dr. Thompson is very ethical, honest & wants you to be happy.” ~ KS

“It was awesome! I had a mini facelift about a month ago. There was very little pain or discomfort and my face has healed up nicely. I still have a few bruises and a bit of swelling but already I look 10 years younger! No more jowls and no more saggy neck skin!! Thank you Dr. Henstrom!” ~ JL

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