AquaGold Fine Touch

What is AquaGold?

AquaGold is a one-of-a-kind breakthrough treatment that uses mesotherapy microchanneling technology to deliver anti-aging solutions deep into the dermis (600-micron depth) with minimal to no down-time. Treatments are quick and provide a “photo-shopped” celebrity-approved result that will have you glowing for months. AquaGold treatments can be performed on the face, neck and decollete in a single treatment.

How does AquaGold work?

AquaGold immediately delivers a cocktail diluted Botox, filler and Vitamin serums into the skin through 24K pure gold-plated surgical grade stainless steel microchannels, each thinner than human hair. The needles are able to penetrate the outer layer of the skin to deliver the customized cocktail of products below the skin’s surface, making them much more effective than applying them topically. The needles penetrate just above the layer where capillaries and nerve endings are, so there is no bleeding and no pain. Opening up these microchannels allows the skin to absorb the maximum amount of product possible.Our UFP AquaGold specialists infuse a cocktail of micro-Botox and Juvederm Volbella with Vitamin B or Vitamin C boosters. All treatments are performed by our expert cosmetic nurses only.

What are the benefits of an AquaGold treatment?

  • reduced pore size with micro-Botox
  • plump, supple skin with Juvederm Volbella
  • reduced fine lines and wrinkles
  • skin brightening with Vitamin C booster
  • additional hydration with Vitamin B booster
  • minimal pain and downtime
  • provides a “photo-shopped” appearance to the skin
  • enhances laser and deeper injectable treatment results

What to expect with an AquaGold treatment?

The actual treatment takes about 15-30 minutes. Most patients experience mild redness which decreases throughout the day with no downtime. Immediately following the procedure you will notice improvement in your skin that will continue to improve over the next 3-7 days. Results last approximately 3-4 months with continued improvement with consistent treatments.

What is the Price of AquaGold Treatments?

AquaGold Fine Touch Hydrating Price

(infuses Botox, saline, Volbella and Vitamin B5)


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