Profractional Laser Treatments

We offer this treatment in our Draper (near Salt Lake City) office. 

Profractional Deep Resurfacing Treatment

Experience powerful and quick skin resurfacing that will help to restore the appearance of a healthy, youthful complexion and remove the visible signs of damaged skin. A profractional laser treament is an ablative resurfacing procedure that addresses only a fraction of the skin and leaves surrounding tissue intact, which promotes rapid healing. This treatment is less aggressive than full surface techniques which remove the entire surface areas.

Profractional Laser treatments are best done on textural concerns such as fine lines, wrinkles, and scarring. Depending on the severity of aging and damage, this treatment can be customized at different depths. This will also affect the length of healing time, although recovery is often quick.


Experience dramatic results with combined treatments

Profractional laser primarily treats textural concerns of the skin, but what if you could achieve significant improvement by treating discoloration or added firming of the skin? ScitonStaX treatments are available a UFP Aesthetics Med Spa! This is where we combine treatments to give you the best results.

StaX with BBL Hero and Profractional will successfully treat texture, pigmented lesions, and redness in the skin.

StaX with SkinTyte and Profractional with dramatically improve the appearance of texture and skin laxity.

Whatever your skin concerns may be, UFP Aesthetics Med Spa offers several skin resurfacing treatments to address your concerns. Schedule a consultation and we will customize a treatment plan fit for your needs.

Profractional Laser Treatment FAQ's

Following healing, you can expect your skin to appear smoother, firmer, with an improved appearance of lines, wrinkles, and other textural imperfections. 

At UFP Aesthetics Med Spa, we use a medical topical numbing cream and Pronox as needed to help mitigate pain with this treatment. Some patients can opt for a topical anesthetic as well. Overall, patients typically expect minor discomfort with this treatment. 

The number of resurfacing treatments depends on the patient and the severity of skin damage. On average, it is best to do 2-4 Profractional treatments. A good skin regimen should be continued thereafter to maintain these results. Maintenance treatments should be done annually. Discussing this with your skin care provider will keep you on a good maintenance schedule and skin care path. 

Following your first Profractional treatment, you will notice improvement for up to 6 months.  Limited sun exposure and a good skin routine will help to maintain and enhance these results. Like any treatment, the body will continue to age naturally and skin maintenance treatments will need to be done. It is typical for patients to return 12-18 months after the initial series to have another skin treatment done. 


Interested in Profractional Laser or Laser Resurfacing in Salt Lake City, Draper, Layton, Utah and the surrounding areas? Contact Utah Facial Plastics for more information or to schedule an appointment call 801-960-3137 or contact us here to schedule a laser consultation!

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