Nano and Micro Peel

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Nano & Micro Laser peels: mild resurfacing treatments

NanoLaser Peel and Micro Peel are Sciton’s most superficial erbium resurfacing lasers that are used to treat skin that is sun damaged, aging (such as fine lines/wrinkles), and has mild discoloration. These treatments remove the top layer of the skin and stimulates new skin cell and collagen production. Both lasers have the ability to vaporize skin cells at predetermined depths. As the skin heals, softer, smoother, rejuvenation skin will form in its place. Collagen and elastin will continue to build for several months following each procedure.

UFP Aesthetics offers several skin resurfacing treatments at both of our facilities in Northern Utah, customizing treatments based on the patients concerns, desired outcomes, and downtime.

NanoLaser Peel is considered the lightest full field laser resurfacing treatment, up to 4x that of a microdermabrasion treatment. These treatments are great "weekend" peels with very minimal downtime and proven long term benefits. Nano Peel is safe for all skin types and is easy to combine with other procedures.

Micro laser peel is considered a light to medium full field resurfacing treatment. These treatments are still great "weekend" peels, but depending on your skin concerns and  provider's recommendations, recovery downtime may be extended. Micro peel is safe for all skin types and can also be combined with other procedures.

What are the benefits of NanoLaser Peel and Micro Laser Peel?

Although there will be more of a recovery process with laser treatments, lasers provide more dramatic results than chemical peels or needling treatments. The top layer of the skin is removed and will begin to regenerate, exposing new, healthier, brighter skin. Deeper laser treatments stimulate new growth of collagen over the next 4 to 6 months, secondarily creating firmer and tighter skin.

NanoLaser Peel and Micro Laser Peel helps to improve:

  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Sun damage
  • Brown spots and uneven tone
  • Light acne scarring and pore size

Am I a candidate for NanoLaser Peel or Micro Laser Peel?

Anyone who is looking for a lighter or maintenance resurfacing treatment to improve skin texture, treat wrinkles, photo damage, strengthening elastin and collagen in the skin.

How is a Laser Peel done?

When you come in for your treatment, we start by cleaning your skin across the area to be treated. We then place protective eye shields on your eyes. The laser handpiece is held above the skin as the computer-guided scanner moves the laser beam around the treatment area.

Whether you want topical numbing is up to you. For most of our NanoLaser Peels the penetration depth is not great. At these shallow settings, topical numbing isn’t usually necessary. If we opt to send the laser energy deeper, we’ll apply topical numbing cream.

How long does a Laser Peel treatment take?

Laser peel treatments are fast and effective. These treatments usually take between 30 and 45 minutes, depending on the condition and the size of the area being treated.

What should I expect with recovery from NanoLaser Peel or Micro Laser Peel?

NanoLaser Peel and Micro Laser Peel are considered  “weekend peel” treatments. It is less painful and there is less recovery than with some of our more aggressive treatments like Halo and Contour TRL. Skin will be red, can be patchy and dry for a few days. Post care will be discussed following treatment for proper care and healing.


The laser beam is scanned over the treatment area to precisely ablate/vaporize a very thin layer of skin. This removes the old, dull, damaged tissue. Removing the top layer eliminates some of the damaged skin cells that can make your skin look tired and old.

This includes blemishes and hyperpigmented areas. As the skin heals after your NanoLaser Peel™, new skin cells and new amounts of collagen and elastin resurface the area. The result is healthier-looking skin, with a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles and more even pigmentation. These treatments turn your skin from dull and tired to vibrant and young-looking.

Laser peels can be done by a Nurse Practitioner or Physician. We have multiple providers on hand that are trained to administer these treatments and adjust depth based on your skin concerns. 

As mentioned above, we offer topical numbing cream that is applied before our laser treatments. 

At Utah Facial Plastics, we feel the NanoLaser Peel™ is a great tool for rejuvenating facial skin, removing dry, dull, and tired-looking skin cells. Using light energy, the NanoLaser Peel™ removes the top layers of your skin at a depth that stimulates and accelerates the skin’s renewal process. These are great treatments for improving dull, tired skin.

Both Nano Peel and Micro Peel fit into the medium ground of skin treatments. Chemical peels are more superficial, removing only the outer layer of the skin. On the other end would be deep laser resurfacing, which dissolves the molecular bonds of damaged cells layer by layer. These treatments can remove deeper wrinkles and other issues such as acne scarring, but they require more recovery and have the potential for skin damage.

The number of laser peels our patients want or need varies, depending upon their goals. You can see great improvement in a single treatment, but it is usally best done in a series to remove layers of damage and stimulate collagen. Other patients look at them as ongoing maintenance to keep up with sun damage and the like from Utah’s abundant sunshine and high altitudes.

These are permanent results, as your laser peel removes the top layers of your skin at a depth that stimulates and accelerates the skin’s renewal process. We’re not making this seem as if it were somehow skin to dermabrasion, where many layers of the skin are removed, but the damaged tissue is removed and gone for good. Of course, the aging process and your skin’s declining collagen production will continue their inexorable march, so future laser peels can be considered as maintenance.

There are few side effects with these treatments. After your laser peel your skin will have some moderate redness and will feel as if it has a sunburn. You may have some slight swelling and roughness for days to come. This is typical for about 12 hours, but each individual is different.  It is important to do these treatments in advance of events and so on that you can prepare for a week of varied healing. 

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