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"Part of my initial motivation to enter the medical field stemmed from a desire to make a contribution to those, both in this country and abroad, without the opportunities that many of us enjoy." ~ Dr. Scott Thompson

We as the surgeons of Utah Facial Plastics have prioritized humanitarian work since entering the field of medicine.  In fact, we were introduced to each other overseas while serving those with limited access to medical care.  We continue to spend many weeks each year donating our time, expertise and resources to improve the lives of those around the world.  These significant investments of time and financial resources are only possible because of the support of our patients and your commitment and loyalty to Utah Facial Plastics.  Thank you for helping us to help others.

Medical mission

While we work with several humanitarian organizations, both Dr. Thompson and Dr. Manning completed fellowship training with Dr. Vito Quatela in Rochester, New York.  Dr. Quatela has been an important mentor to Drs. Thompson and Manning and has dedicated decades of selfless medical service to the less-fortunate.  He established the H.U.G.S Foundation as a vehicle to assist in the implementation of this work.  As the founder and president of HUGS, Dr. Quatela believes that “every human being has the fundamental right to the opportunity to grow and develop socially and intellectually without being ostracized or rejected due to physical abnormality.”

You can help by donating to HUGS.

H.U.G.S FOUNDATION: changing lives one smile at a time

Dr. Henstrom and Hirsche Smiles Foundation

The Hirsche Smiles Foundation was founded by Dr. Blayne Hirsche and his wife Susan in the late 90's. It was founded to serve and help meet the needs of the children of Guatemala who needed surgical intervention for their deformities. Most of these children could not get these surgeries without the help of outside, qualified surgeons. The main surgeries performed are cleft palate, cleft lip, and microtia.

Dr. Hirsche was my father in law, so helping him and his foundation meant the world to me. My first trip with them was in 2000, shortly before I started medical school. Unfortunately in 2002, Dr. Hirsche and his wife were tragically killed in a private plan accident. Fortunately, some amazing surgeons and anesthesiologists stepped forward and kept the foundation alive, and even expanded it.

Today the Hirsche Smiles Foundation sponsors the annual medical mission trip, multiple dentist groups and Hirsche Homes, a group dedicated to building better living conditions for the people.

Ever since my first trip with the group, I've wanted to rejoin them and continue to work blessing the lives of those children. My wife Nicki, has joined as well and now serves on the Board of Directors. We plan to continue our efforts in helping many more. Visit Hirsche Smiles Foundation to learn more on how you can help too.
~ Dr. Doug Henstrom

Utah Plastic Surgeon & Hugs in Vietnam

Dr. Scott Thompson, prominent Utah Plastic Surgeon, joins ‘Help Us Give Smiles’ in Vietnam to repair congenital deformities for children and adolescents who are often shunned by friends and family. Learn all about Hanoi, Vietnam with Jason Nguyen, reporter from GOOD4Utah. Jason traveled with Dr. Scott Thompson to document his medical mission with the HUGS team.

Medical Mission Photo Gallery


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