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This treatment is offered at UFP Draper and Layton locations

Utah Facial Plastics offers Moxi treatment for top-of-the-line prejuvenative care. Moxi is great for those starting out in skin care treatments or wanting to reverse some early signs of aging. Moxi is a perfect option for a younger patient demographic looking to revitalize their skin with laser resurfacing with little downtime or those looking for a light treatment.

What is Moxi®?

Moxi is a non-ablative diode laser treatment that is gentle, yet effective for reversing signs of early aging and sun damage. It is meant to help prevent, refresh, and maintain a good healthy canvas in the earlier years of aging.

Moxi has become part of the Utah Facial Plastics family of treatments so that we are able to offer a variety of options to our patients from less invasive to more invasive.  If you are someone who has moderate to deep wrinkles, more advanced sun damage or  wants a more aggressive treatment, you likely will want to explore Halo, BBL for pigmentation, or Contour TRL®.

What Does Moxi® Do?

Moxi truly is a laser for everyone! It is treatable on all skin types and all body areas, anytime of the year with proper sun protection always in place following any treatment. It is recommended in a series of 3-4 sessions for the best results with maintenance treatments recommended by your provider. Moxi provides:

  • Improvement to pigmentation & sun damage
  • Improvement uneven skin tone
  • Improve to textural concerns including fine lines, larger pore size, bumpiness
  • Treatment in 30 minutes or less
  • Little to no downtime
  • Easy post care
  • Makeup application allowable after 24 hours
  • Combination treatment with BBL for enhanced pigmentation improvement
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Moxi delivers fractionated non-ablative energy to replace damaged skin cells with new healthy ones. It does not create open wounds in the skin, while offering similar results as other treatments and less downtime.

Moxi ranges in price but is currently starting at $750 for a face procedure and is priced based on the areas being treated. Price is also adjusted when a series or combination procedure is done. At your consultation your provider will discuss a plan and give you pricing for your individual plan.

Moxi can be adjusted in strength depending on the skin concerns and recommendations per your provider. It is generally very tolerable and topical numbing is applied to the skin to achieve this. Post care is simple, and a mineral broad-spectrum SPF is applied immediately after treatment. After 24 hours, makeup may be applied if needed. SPF application is recommended daily with or without treatment as to protect skin from further sun damage.

Yes! Moxi and BBL is an unbeatable treatment when paired together that provides enhanced texture and tone improvement. Moxi can offer improvement in tone and if pigment is heavy or more advanced in the skin, BBL will likely be recommended for optimal results. This will be discussed with your provider to determine the best plan of action for your skin.

Book your consultation or contact Utah Facial Plastics at 801-776-2220 if you have further questions. We have several experienced estheticians performing Moxi treatments in our two locations in Layton and Draper, Utah.

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