PDO Threads, Thread Lifts

UFP Aesthetics is happy to provide PDO thread lifting, which is a non-surgical minimally invasive treatment for facial rejuvenation. UFP Aesthetics offers soft and twist Nova Threads as a non-surgical option to soften lines and texture in focused areas.  We believe in the use of threads to treat specific areas if you are a candidate, but they are not a means to lift or treat sagging of the entire face. Sometimes dermal fillers or surgical face procedures are a better means for treating these concerns. With the variety of services we provide, we will be able to guide you to the best treatment path for you.

What is Thread Lifting and Tightening?

PDO Threads are designed to subtly tighten and soften fine lines, all while promoting collagen and elastin production for an overall firmer appearance to the treated areas. A medical-grade material is inserted into the face under the skin and is then pulled by tightening the thread. Threads have been around since the 1990’s, but innovations have provided better material and techniques, making them more popular today. Some of the uses and

Thread Lift Benefits

  • Softening of accordion lines
  • Wrinkles caused by sleep position
  • Treatment of the forehead lines including glabella and crows feet
  • Smoothing lines around the mouth
  • Mild to moderate nasolabial folds
  • Under eye wrinkles
  • Tighten laxity and soften lines in the upper neck area
  • Mild to moderate horizontal neck lines
PDO threading

This is a great question and threads on average will start to dissolve in 3-6 months. During this time your body has also stimulated new collagen in place to support those results. For a comprehensive and effective treatment, UFP Aesthetic nurse injectors recommend a series of 2-3 treatments to enhance the longevity of results. Our providers do not recommend threads in place of a facelift procedure. It is best to see one our double board-certified physicians to discuss long term surgical results.

The area of insertion is numbed thoroughly but there is some mild discomfort during the PDO thread treatment, followed by some tenderness for a few days after treatment.

Not always, but if the skin is thin, sometimes, they can be felt. This will typically go away as they settle and begin to dissolve over time. This can usually take up to a month but is virtually unnoticeable to others.

When it comes to PDO thread recovery time, everyone is different. Some leave the office slightly red and swollen following treatment, and others may get mild bruising. Anytime something is poked, cut, or inserted into the skin there is a chance of bruising and varied swelling. We offer options for pre and post care when it comes to esthetic procedures that can help minimize effects of treatment.

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If you are looking for a refresh or options to achieve a more youthful look, UFP Aesthetics provides several options for facial rejuvenation including PDO threads, dermal fillers, Botox and skin treatments to patient living in the Salt Lake City, UT valley and surrounding areas. Visit UFP Aesthetics by calling 801-776-2220 or book a consultation with one of our highly qualified nurse injectors.

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