Neck Liposuction

What is submental liposuction?

A strong jaw line and a sharp chin / neck contrast contribute to both a fit and a youthful appearance. Excessive deposits of fat under the chin can be congenital (genetically inherited), or the result of weight gain. In some, these deposits remain in spite of losing weight or being thin elsewhere. A “double chin” can detract greatly from an otherwise attractive face.

Submental liposuction (removal of fat from under the chin) is performed to restore a more aesthetically pleasing contour to the neck and jaw line. This procedure is often combined with chin implant for those with a receding chin or facelift for those with sagging neck skin.

How is submental liposuction performed?

Submental liposuction is often performed in the operating room under deep sedation, often in combination with other procedures. It can also be done alone in the office under local anesthetic. Three small incisions – one under the chin, and one behind each ear, are made. A metal cannula under suction is placed into the incisions, and excessive fat is removed. Fine sutures are used to close the incisions.

  • Improves jaw line contour and definition
  • Improves chin / neck contrast
  • Can correct a problem that may be impossible to address through lifestyle changes
  • Safely performed in combination with any other facial plastic procedure

What should I expect with recovery from submental liposuction?

Following surgery, a cotton dressing is placed and removed the following day. Bruising is generally minimal and resolves within 1 to 2 weeks. Light activity may begin at 1 week with full activity resumed by 3 weeks.


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