How To Lighten Pigmentation without a Prescription

November 17, 2017

If you know a thing or two about getting rid of  brown spots and hyperpigmentation, you may have heard about retinol and hydroquinone. Both of these products are proven and intended to improve skin tone and texture by exfoliation and skin lightening. To get the highest strength in these products and achieve quicker results you…

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Take the Challenge! Utah Facial Plastics Skin Care Challenge

October 19, 2017

Does your skin need some serious TLC? Are you not even sure if it does? In all reality our skin could use some serious TLC after a hot summer. Cleansing and moisturizing  just won’t cut it if you are trying to maintain youthful skin and and/or clear up unwanted blemishes or reverse damage. Now is…

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Hydrafacial Treatments for Men with KUTV’s Chef Bryan

September 3, 2017

Hydrafacial Treatments for Men with KUTV’s Chef Bryan at Utah Facial Plastics in Draper, Utah. Chef Bryan: I am having what’s a called a Hydrafacial, with Utah Facial Plastics. This is seriously the coolest thing in the world…it vacuums up your skin. If you’ve ever had your hair shampooed and washed or your face washed,…

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SkinBetter Products Now Available At Utah Facial Plastics!

August 26, 2017

Here at Utah Facial Plastics, we pride ourselves on offering top results when it comes to skin and facial rejuvenation. A good skincare regimen in combination with in-office treatments or procedures will provide the best results and prevent further damage as much as possible. Patients get much more out of their treatments in our office…

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Hydrafacial for Beautiful Skin from Utah Facial Plastics

August 11, 2017

It’s important to take care of the largest organ of the entire body….your skin. Overtime, the skin loses elasticity, hydration, develops age spots and fine lines and wrinkles. While this is true for everyone, taking care of your skin can prevent and repair many of these signs of aging, which can greatly rejuvenate ones appearance….

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Taking Care of your Skin is More Important Than Covering It Up

July 26, 2017

Conveniently we have makeup to cover up our imperfections and flaws. We also have makeup to enhance our features. I love makeup because it makes me feel feminine and pretty. But I also have many days where I want to walk out the door with a fresh face and embrace more of a natural look….

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What you Really Deserve is . . .

July 15, 2017

We consistently hear what we deserve. “You deserve a break today!” Or something much more calloused, like “you get the face you deserve.” This statement was actually made, by a woman, no less. Ms. Coco Chanel expressed the idea that the age a person has at age 50 is somehow deserved. We can see where…

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Hydrafacial Treatments at Utah Facial Plastics on Good Things Utah

June 18, 2017

Utah Facial Plastics discusses skincare and Hydrafacial treatments for glowing skin on Good Things Utah with Reagan Leadbetter. Reagan: Welcome back to Good Things Utah, we are talking about glowing skin with Utah Facial Plastics. We have Alfie, Brittney and Trish here to give us the low-down. It’s not just for celebrities, right? We can…

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The Impact of Your Lifestyle on Your Skin

March 20, 2017

The appearance of the skin is a reflection of the body’s state of health. Many factors contribute to general body and skin wellness. A dull looking skin is often an indication of various underlying negative issues. Today, many people are juggling between a hectic career life, families, education, and other pressing issues. This leaves little…

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Chemical Peel Ingredients & How They Improve Skin Health

September 12, 2016

While many lasers and products come and go, chemical peels have been a staple treatment in numerous cosmetic practices through the years. That’s for good reason as they work well to improve a number of skin concerns, such as fine lines and wrinkles, acne, acne scarring, large pores and hyper-pigmentation. They also improve the overall…

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