Are You Accidentally Aging Your Skin?

We all know that our skin will age along with the rest of the body. We realize that, because the skin is a visible organ, we will notice changes in tone, texture, and pigment over time. Many people express concern related to the signs of aging and their desires to slow them down. Interestingly, though, many of these same people are inadvertently aging their skin. Here, we discuss some of the daily habits you may want to rethink as you manage your dermatologic needs.

Sun Exposure

It is common knowledge that UV exposure damages our DNA and breaks down collagen and elastin. It’s not quite so well-known that the body doesn’t continue making much collagen after our mid-twenties. Therefore, adults of all ages who go outdoors without protective sunscreen (SPF30) are unwittingly aging their skin. If you want to slow down cosmetic aging, sunscreen should be a daily habit regardless of the weather.


You may have heard the term “smokers lines” and recognize them as the fine lines that develop around the outer edges of the lips. People who smoke may also have deeper crow’s feet, broken capillaries on the nose and cheeks, and dull, dry skin. The signs of aging can become more profound more quickly as a result of smoking because this habit depletes the skin of collagen and also prevents optimal circulation from nourishing this organ (okay, all organs). There is no way to continue smoking and not age at an accelerated pace, so our best suggestion is to find help to quit the habit.


While smoking robs the skin of oxygen and nutrients, drinking robs it of moisture. Studies suggest that even moderate alcohol consumption can be significantly dehydrating and, as such, is associated with premature aging. Drinking also leads to the breakdown of collagen and elastin, so can speed up issues like jowls and creases in the lower face. While it ideal is to avoid alcohol altogether, an alternative may be to minimize drinking and also increase water consumption, especially when having cocktails or that glass of wine.

Your Environment May Be Aging You

We’re in the thick of winter and, around these parts, the air will be colder and dryer for the next few months. Dry air means dry skin. Dry skin is aging faster than skin that is nourished and moisturized. One way to manage your skin when you live or work in heated or cooled environments is to apply a quality lotion, cream, or body butter every day. Some people need to apply some type of moisturizer several times a day to manage their dry skin. Additionally, it’s possible to make your environments more skin-friendly. You can do so by placing humidifiers where they can add moisture to the air you are exposed to the most.

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