Halo Laser Resurfacing Treatment in Salt Lake City, Utah

Our newest laser treatment at Utah Facial Plastics is the Halo Hybrid Fractional Laser. The Halo Laser is the first laser to deliver two different laser wavelengths, both fractional and non-fractional at the same time making it an advanced technology in the world of laser resurfacing treatments. The wavelengths can be altered to treat everyone’s unique skin needs. When the micro-channels are being created both wavelengths are penetrating the skin at the same time, making this treatment more aggressive with less downtime. When the Halo is compared to other fractional lasers, it offers a less painful treatment and quicker healing recovery.

What does Halo Laser Resurfacing Treat?

The Halo hybrid fractional laser is able to treat various skin tones with mild to severe skin concerns. During an individual’s consultation, skin concerns and goals are discussed to form a realistic plan of treatment. The Halo laser is unique because it can treat each area of concern lightly or more aggressively, depending on the severity of the area. This treatment is also safe to treat any area of the body. The most popular areas we treat are the face, neck, chest, and hands.

One treatment can provide patients with noticeable results. However, 2 or more treatments may be needed for individuals to reach their ultimate goals.

The Halo Can Address:


Sun Damage

Visible signs of aging

Uneven, dull skin tone

Poor texture

Fine Lines

Enlarges Pores

Scar revision

Collagen production

What can be expected during the Halo treatment?

During a typical treatment, patients will first have numbing cream applied to the areas of the face/body that are going to be treated by the Halo laser.  The numbing cream will sit on the skin for approximately 30 minutes and is then completely wiped off. Once the skin is clean, the treatment will begin. A typical treatment lasts anywhere from 15-20 minutes and is extremely tolerable. Utah Facial Plastics offers a self- administered nitrous oxide called Pronox to help ease irritability during the treatment upon request.

Following treatment, patients can expect their skin to feel hot and to look red and swollen. Each patient is provided with detailed instructions on proper home care that will be very important to follow for best healing results. Currently Utah Facial Plastics is using Alastin non-invasive products to prepare for the treatment and post care.  After 24 hours patients are allowed to apply mineral makeup and resume with their skincare regimen. After 24-72 hours patients may also resume normal activities. This amount of time varies from patient to patient depending on their individual healing.

Peeling and dryness will occur over the first several days and is completely normal, this is the start of new skin. As the skin regenerates itself over the following weeks and months patients can expect to see improved firmness, skin tone and texture.

After just one treatment, patients can expect to see noticeable change to their skin. Patients are able to see an overall improvement in the skin and a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. As mentioned above, it is more typical that patients need 2 Halo treatments to achieve their skin goals.

To schedule your individual Halo consultation contact us or please call our Draper, Layton, & South Jordan (coming soon) Utah offices at 801-776-2220.

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