Juvederm Volux: A New Filler For a More Defined Jawline

Juvederm Volux is coming soon to Utah Facial Plastics, and here’s what you need to know. Volux is the newest addition to the Juvederm family and was just FDA-approved August of 2022, making it the first hyaluronic acid jawline filler approved by the FDA. Most United States medspa/ doctor’s offices are not going to see this filler until next year. Volux is the perfect addition to the Juvederm family because of the wide desire for a more defined jawline.

How Does Volux Work?

Just like the other Juvederm dermal fillers, Volux is a hyaluronic acid filler that utilizes the same VYCROSS technology as Allergan’s other popular fillers such as Voluma, Volbella and Vollure. This unique technology is what produces longer lasting, smoother and more natural looking results. This filler is going to be a must try if you have been looking for a more defined jawline.

Volux is a structural filler meaning it is typically injected deep onto the bone which has been shown to provide the jawline and chin with more definition. Just like any filler, everyone being treated will require a different amount of filler injected to achieve the best results, however after just one syringe, individuals were able to see a noticeable difference.

Who Can Benefit from Volux?

One of the top features found on beautiful people is a chiseled jawline. Whether you are in your 20’s and want a more defined contoured look or in your 50’s looking to restore structure and volume to this area, jaw filler can benefit everyone. Men are even using it to create a stronger, more masculine look. Fillers are non-invasive and a great option for those who don’t want to go the surgical route.

The FDA approved this filler for anyone over the age of 21 who wants a more defined jawline. Individuals who are looking for a more defined jawline range in age and facial structure. For example, a more mature patient may benefit from Volux to improve their visible signs of aging in their lower face and jowls. On the other hand, a younger patient may be interested in Volux because of their desire to rejuvenate their jawline.

Before and after Volux

How Is Juvederm Volux Different Than Juvederm Voluma?

In a lot of ways, Volux is like Voluma but there are a few main differences. Volux provides those being treated with more structure, cohesiveness, and even provides more lift. Volux is going to be a much better temporary jawline solution than Voluma because it is a firmer filler, providing individuals with better results.

Juvederm Volux lasts approximately 6-18 months, according to Allergan studies. As mentioned above, individuals saw a noticeable improvement in their jawline immediately following treatment. All hyaluronic acid fillers are temporary, but thicker fillers tend to last longer. Also, multiple syringes tend to last longer as well.

Are There Negative Side Effects with Volux?

If you are familiar with hyaluronic acid fillers or fillers in general, you may know that there is a risk of negative side effects. Common side effects that are not unusual include swelling, bruising, lumps, and tenderness at the injection site. All these side effects typically subside on their own within two weeks. Other more serious side effects that are very rare include infection and vascular occlusion. These more serious side effects can usually be avoided by seeing an experienced nurse injector.

UFP Aesthetics is excited to bring on this new filler early spring 2023! This gives our injectors and patients another option to treat a more focused area of the face. To learn more about Juvederm Volux or other injectables we offer at Utah Facial Plastics, please contact our Draper or Layton to book a consultation with one of our talented providers or call (801)776-2220.

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