New to Dermal Fillers? Here’s What You Need to Know!

Here at Utah Facial Plastics, we’ve been using dermal fillers for many years. It is one of the most popular treatments of our time, and one of the most profound medical advances so far in the 21st century. The development of soft tissue fillers began about 50 years ago, actually, but largely relied on animal sources. This meant a relatively significant risk of adverse reaction. It was only in 2006 when the first hyaluronic acid dermal fillers became available. Since then, millions of dermal filler treatments have achieved outstanding results.

It is the outstanding results and nearly nonexistent risk of dermal fillers that make them so appealing. We use this technique to help adults of all ages feel better about their appearance. As you probably know, fillers can be used to smooth wrinkles, reshape the nose, recontour the cheeks, restore angles to the chin and jawline, and enhance the lips. If you’re new to dermal filler treatment, this may be all that you know. Here, we walk you through what it’s like to get dermal fillers for the first time.

Before Dermal Fillers – The Consultation

The first step in successful dermal filler treatment is the consultation. This is where we get to know what you want to accomplish. This is also where you get to know what dermal fillers can and cannot do. You will be informed about how the recommended dermal filler works (such as binding to water molecules or stimulating collagen production), how much it will take to achieve your desired outcome, and how much treatment will cost based on the number of units used.

Dermal Filler Treatment

We can administer dermal fillers right after the consultation if you are ready to refresh your look. New patients are often concerned that it will be painful to get dermal fillers because they are injected and most of us have received medical or dental injections that hurt. Dermal fillers aren’t the same as, say, getting your blood drawn. We only need a tiny needle to deposit the liquid just beneath the skin. This decreases the degree of sensation that may occur. Then, most dermal fillers contain an anesthetic. This desensitizes the nerves in the skin nearly immediately. Not enough to feel numb but enough to not feel pain. A series of injections are administered across the treatment area as needed to build harmonious volume. The entire process can take less than 20 minutes.

After Dermal Filler Treatment

There is no lingering discomfort after getting dermal fillers. The skin returns to its normal sensations within a few minutes. The area may look a little swollen or red, but this typically resolves within an hour or two. Patients rarely notice their mild side effects. They’re too busy noticing the improvement that has been made! The immediate results of dermal fillers are very gratifying, which is just one more reason for the popularity of this treatment.

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