NeoGraft for Hair Loss on Good Things Utah

September 16, 2015

Dr. Thompson joins Nicea DeGering and Michelle Money on Good Things Utah to discuss NeoGraft for hair loss. Nicea: “All of our favorite, Dr. Scott Thompson is joining us. Hair is important. We talked with Mathew Landis about this earlier. Did you know there are actors out there that have had hair restoration surgery, such…

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Eyebrow Transplant in Utah

May 28, 2015

  Have your eyebrows naturally thinned over time or have they been over-plucked or waxed? Are you tired of drawing them in just to be unhappy with the unnatural result? Dr. Thompson offers a safe and permanent solution for natural eyebrow hair restoration with NeoGraft, the first automated hair transplant system. The eyebrows are an…

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