Dr. Thompson joins Nicea DeGering and Michelle Money on Good Things Utah to discuss NeoGraft for hair loss.

Nicea: “All of our favorite, Dr. Scott Thompson is joining us. Hair is important. We talked with Mathew Landis about this earlier. Did you know there are actors out there that have had hair restoration surgery, such as Lebron James and Jude Law? Well today, we’re talking about NeoGraft for hair restoration. What is NeoGraft?”

Dr. Thompson: “So NeoGraft is a very special way to transplant hair. It takes individual follicles, it’s kind of a robotic mechanism, and places it aside. And then we can transplant them to bald or thinning areas of the scalp.”

Nicea: “How is this different than the traditional hair transplant surgery technique?”

Dr. Thompson: “So old school, they used to take big punches of hair, remove them and move them up front. They were very obvious and very unnatural looking. And then that has since evolved to taking a strip of hair from the basic, dissecting the grafts, and transplanting them to the front. That works great but it does leave a scar on the back of the head. This NeoGraft technology leaves no scar on the back and moves each individual follicles to the front.”

Nicea: “How do you know if it’s right for you?”

Dr. Thompson: “Well, both methods are accepted and still considered good and I do do both of them in my office. So usually it’s best to come in for a consultation where we can talk about it and assess how much hair you have lost. If you are completely bald and you’re 22, it’s probably not going to be a good option. So it has to be something that is happening gradually over time. And we have to assess your hairline and go from there.”

Nicea: “We’re showing that graphic you brought us, ‘male pattern baldness’, so those are the areas you usually start noticing thinning. Does it work for all of those?”

Dr. Thompson: “It works for all of them, but as I said, it’s kind of age dependent. People that are losing their hair more slowly are generally better candidates for any kind of hair transplant surgery.”

Nicea: “What about for women?”

Dr. Thompson: “Yes, absolutely, it’s great for women as well. It’s sometimes even better for women because that linear scar can sometimes be a problem for women in the back. We also have a lot of women that have maybe over-plucked their eyebrows and it’s a good technique for eyebrow restoration as well.”

Nicea: “Really? That would work on brows? They look very natural in the before and after we have of brows. So results, we sit it with the eyebrows, what about the hair on your head?”

Dr. Thompson: “So yeah, that’s where it’s used most commonly and most commonly for men. Sometimes we just need to fill in a little bit of the temporal area, the front, sometimes more extensive areas as shown in this picture.”

Nicea: “Look at that…what a huge change! And the results last how long?”

Dr. Thompson: “They’re permanent, so this is a graft we’re moving from one area to another.”

Nicea: “If you are interested in this and have a question about it, they’re doing a viewer special right now. Call (801)776-2220 or go to www.UtahHairMD.com to get $750 off hair restoration with NeoGraft and $250 off eyebrow restoration with NeoGraft. What a cool procedure and thank you so much for coming by, Dr. Thompson.”

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