Cosmetic Procedures as an Investment into your Career

Cosmetic ProceduresWe hear some different reasons given by patients seeking facial rejuvenation. Most of them have something to do with wanting to look as young as they feel or wanting to postpone the onset of facial aging. Every person has unique reasons for wanting to turn back the hands of time (or slow them). Did you know that there has been a growing trend of facial rejuvenation as a career-boost?

Since the dawn of aesthetic medicine, and all of its surgical and non-surgical treatments, researchers have kept busy with study after study to ascertain the advantages of various procedures. As they relate to career success, here are some of the details they have discovered.

An attractive face can get you hired.

Yes, what is on your resume matters. In most white-collar establishments, there is a need to have a certain skill, even a certain skill-level. However, hiring managers look beyond that piece of paper that describes your training and accomplishments. They want to know who you are, and how you will fit within their organization. One crucial way that this is perceived is through appearance. We all know that conditions like sagging under eye skin and heavy brows make a person look a little less up for the job.

Looking younger is an advantage to your relevance.

You have training. You have experience. You have a stellar resume. And yet, you feel concerned that you may be overlooked for that big project or that promotion. We all want to feel relevant in our work. In one way, you could say that what you look like has no bearing on this; but we all know it does. That perpetual frown may make you appear grumpy and not up for group work. Bags say “I’m pretty tired” much more than they say “I’ve got the energy to get this job done right.”

When you look good, you feel good – and it shows.

Looking good and feeling good do go hand in hand, especially in the Western World. The confidence that stems from knowing your outer appearance aligns with your inner zest for life makes you stand out in all the right ways.

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