ViveLift | Utah Facial PlasticsThe ViveLift from Utah Facial Plastics is a cutting-edge 3-dimensional approach to non-surgical facial rejuvenation. While dermal fillers have long been used to fill in facial wrinkles and restore areas of lost volume, the ViveLift takes the benefits of injectables to a whole new level. By focusing largely on the technique and placement of specific injectables, the benefits are far greater and extend beyond filling and volumizing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the ViveLift performed?

The ViveLift technique is performed using primarily soft tissue fillers selected specifically for certain areas of the face. The amount used and combination of fillers may vary with each individual patient depending on their needs, facial anatomy, and stage in the aging process. As ViveLift experts with years of training and experience, any UFP injector can determine what is needed to help you achieve your aesthetic goals and discuss those plans with you in detail prior to your actual treatment.

ViveLift | Utah Facial Plastics

Juvederm Voluma XC is the primary product used during a ViveLift treatment and serves as the foundation for the procedure. The shape of the face tends to reverse with the aging process (as shown in the image above) with volume and structure loss in the mid-face. With that comes sagging of the jowls and more pronounced lines and wrinkles around the mouth and eyes. The ViveLift addresses that structure loss by strategically utilizing various injections of Voluma in specific areas of the mid-face to rebuild the support needed to restore the youthful face shape you once had. This technique is different from typical Voluma injections as it greater utilizes the product for enhanced rejuvenation to other areas of the face (as shown in the image below) and also keeps patients from developing unnatural facial fullness that often results from less experienced and knowledgeable injectors using the same or similar products.

Juvederm Ultra XC is then used during the ViveLift to treat fine lines and wrinkles once the structural concerns have been addressed with Juvederm Voluma. When used together during a ViveLift treatment, the benefits are far-reaching. Not only do the dermal fillers restore lost volume, but together will lift the jowls, smooth folds around the mouth, and rejuvenate the eye area through the ViveLift technique.

ViveLift | Utah Facial Plastics

The actual procedure takes approximately 30 minutes in-office following an initial consultation with Dr. Scott Thompson. Both products used during the procedure contain a local anesthetic to minimize discomfort with the injections. Botox is sometimes used in addition to the products mentioned above to further smooth lines around the eyes, in the forehead, and/or between the brows.

As with any injectable, there is a chance of bruising and/or swelling following treatment. Our injectors treat patients gently during the procedure to minimize the risk of excessive bruising and swelling. The chances are higher with patients who tend to bruise easily or who have taken aspirin or ibuprofen with a few days of their appointment. Many such patients find the use of Arnica prior to their procedure helps minimize that risk. Ice is given in-office to use hold at the injections sites following treatment to help with bruising and swelling as well. Most patients are able to immediately return to work and resume daily activities. Slight swelling typically takes 2-7 days to subside, as well as any bruising that may result with treatment. Camouflage makeup is available for purchase in both our Layton and Draper locations for those who do bruise and are concerned about their appearance.

Who is an ideal candidate for the ViveLift?

The best ViveLift candidates include those with minimal to moderate signs of aging and volume loss. The ViveLift can also serve as a preventative procedure in younger patients looking to stave off the undesirable structural changes that occur naturally with aging.

What are typical results with the viveLift?

ViveLift patients at Utah Facial Plastics are typically amazed at the level of correction they are able to receive with products they may have used in the past at other facilities that didn’t produce the same level of results. This is because of the ViveLift technique, which focuses on structural placement of Voluma in addition to the added volume. This is a cutting-edge technique Utah Facial Plastics has incorporated to enhance the results achieved with non-surgical facial rejuvenation. With one 30 minutes ViveLift treatment, patients typically report looking approximately 5-10 years younger and are ecstatic with their more rested and rejuvenated appearance.

The ViveLift does not address skin concerns such as pigmentation, texture, and tone so some patients will choose to undergo a series of skin rejuvenation treatments or a CO2 laser resurfacing treatment before or after their ViveLift for added improvement. The combination of treatments provides incredible results that restore patient confidence and satisfaction.

How long does the ViveLift Last?

The length of time varies for each individual patient and the longer the procedure is continued, the longer patients are able to wait in between touch-ups with the collagen formation that takes place over time. Once facial reshaping has been achieved with the ViveLift, patients typically return every 1-2 years for a touch-up. Approximately half the amount of product used at the initial treatment is typically required for touch-ups.

If Botox is also used, then patients may want to come back for more Botox earlier than 1-2 years as Botox typically lasts anywhere from 3-8 months.

How much does the ViveLift cost?

Cost also varies with each patient as the amount of product needed is different depending on the situation. On average, the cost ranges between $1,350 to $3,000 for the initial ViveLift treatment and around half that amount for future touch-ups. We do offer specials on the actual products often to help patients save. Visit our specials page to view current offers and be sure to join our mailing list to stay up to date on our latest specials and events.

How do I schedule a ViveLift consultation?

Consultations can be scheduled by calling (801) 776-2220 or feel free to contact us HERE if you prefer to schedule via email. Appointments are available in our Layton and Draper locations but fill up quickly so call in advance. Online consultations are also available and can be scheduled through our Virtual Consultation page.


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